Author's Picture Issue: Latin America I 1996
Article no.: 8
Topic: Mexico 1997, the Year of Recovery
Author: Rogerio Casas-Alatriste
Title: Telecommunications Practice Partner
Organisation: Coopers & Lybrand
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As Mexico awaits the launch of competition in long distance services in January, Rogerio Casas-Alatriste, the Telecommunications Practice Partner at Coopers & Lybrand in Mexico City celebrates the many benefits that this liberalisation will bring to people and companies throughout the country and has some timely advice for readers of Connect World Latin America throughout the region.


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For Mexicans, 1997 is a year which represents great challenges and opportunities. The crisis that exploded upon Mexico in December 1994 has now come to its end and the recovery period has begun with the advent of 1997. The frenetic activity that has been seen in the telecommunications sector over the past few weeks illustrated that this industry will be among the most active in the months and years to come.