Connect-World: Asia-Pacific I

Theme: Internet of Things (IoT), 2018 and beyond

Sponsor for: PTC Hawaii, 21–24 January 2018

Connect-World: Europe I

Theme: Artificial Intelligence Goes Mobile?

Sponsor for: Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 26 February-1 March 2018


Connect-World: India

Theme: Smartphones in India

Sponsor for: Convergence India, New Delhi, 7-9 March 2018

Connect-World: North America I

Theme: The Future of Broadcasting

Sponsor for: Satellite, Washington DC, 12-15 March 2018

NAB, Las Vegas, 7-12 April 2018

UTC Telecom & Technology, Palm Springs, California, 7-11 May 2018


Connect-World: Europe II

Theme: The changing realities of the global economy?

Sponsor for: TM Forum Management World, Nice, 13-17 May 2018


Connect-World: Asia-Pacific II

Theme: Connectivity in Asia-Pacific

Sponsor for:  CommunicAsia, Singapore, 26-28 June 2018

Connect-World: Africa & the Middle East (AME)

Theme:  Network Challenges in Africa, including Disaster Management.

Sponsor for:

GITEX Dubai, 14-18 October 2018

AfricaCom,  Cape Town, South Africa, 13-15 November 2018


Connect-World: Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

Theme: TV is not Going Anywhere, it’s Going Everywhere

Sponsor for:

IBC Amsterdam, 14-18 September 2018.

Broadband World Forum, 23-25 October 2018


Connect-World North America II

Theme: Mobile device connectivity

Sponsor for: Mobile World Congress Americas, Los Angeles, 12-14 September 2018

Connect-World: Global

Theme: Artificial intelligence and Smart Cities

Sponsor for:

ITU Telecom World, Durban, South Africa, 10-13 September 2018


Connect-World: Latin America

Theme: Social Networking in Latin America

Sponsor for: Futurecom, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 15-18 October 2018


Connect-World: Asia-Pacific III

Theme: Digital Development: What next?

Sponsor for: Event[s] TBC