NCP engineering Honored in Network Products Guide’s 2011 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards

Company Recognised by IT Industry and Peers for its Successful American Hospice Deployment and VPN Haus Blog  

NCP engineering Inc. today announced that it received multiple honors in Network Products Guide’s sixth annual 2011 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards. The company was named a winner in the Best Deployment category for its successful rollout of the NCP Secure Enterprise Solution at American Hospice and support of the customer’s mobile health initiative. NCP was also recognised in the Best Blogs category for building a network security conversation hub with VPN Haus.
Key Facts:

·     Network Products Guide’s annual Hot Companies and Best Products Awards program encompasses the world’s best in organisational performance, products and services, executives and management teams, successful deployments, product management and engineering, support and customer satisfaction, and public relations in every area of IT.

·    American Hospice required a single, comprehensive, universally compatible VPN solution that would allow its 180 home health aides to directly and securely access the corporate network via their mobile devices while out in the field. The NCP Secure Enterprise Solution protects patient data being reported by American Hospice’s staff—both in-transit and on the device themselves. It also provides IT staff with a single point of administration for the entire VPN network, as well as practical network access control functions and management.


·    NCP’s blog, VPN Haus, provides analysis and commentary on network security industry issues like remote access, provisioning, compliance, endpoint security, VPN technology and data protection. Contributing writers include IT and network administrators, industry analysts and other security experts.


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About NCP engineering GmbH
Headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, NCP engineering is a provider of application and industry-neutral communication software for highly secure data transmission in public networks and the Internet. Core competencies are in the areas of Remote Access, IP-Routing, VPN and Firewall Technologies, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Network Access Control (NAC) as well as strong Authentication and Integration of PKI-Infrastructures.  Under the guiding principle of “Secure Communications,” the firm develops products and solutions for the areas of mobile computing, teleworking, e-commerce, online banking, production data acquisition  and branch office networking. Its technology guarantees integration and compatibility with products from other manufacturers. NCP serves customers through a network of technology, reseller and VAR, and OEM partners, including Juniper and Lancom.  

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