Symantec break up indicates focus on security is an industry need – Malwarebytes comment

Marcin Kleczynski, CEO at Malwarebytes, said  “The security market is changing dramatically.  Cybercriminals and nation-state hacking groups are innovating at a furious pace and traditional security companies, often burdened with layers of bureaucracy, are struggling to keep up.  Imagination, evolution and being nimble are now absolutely vital to getting the cutting edge in this market.  This is why smaller specialized companies are flourishing in malware detection and response. 

“The decision to split Symantec in two is a perfect example of this need for focus in the security sector.  By freeing itself from the distractions created by trying to capture a variety of markets, Symantec can be more single-minded in their response to the ever advancing threat landscape.”

Devika Mistry

MWW :  Senior Account Manager