CrowdCare’s Wysdom Self-Care Platform Now Supporting Multiple Languages

January 20, 2016 (Toronto, ON) – CrowdCare Corporation, provider of the world’s most advanced contextual self-care solutions for connected devices, is pleased to announce they have launched a multi-language module to enable mobile carriers to provide advanced multi-lingual self service for their customers.

Starting with the rollout of French for one of Canada’s leading mobile brands, Fido, the Wysdom platform provides multi-lingual support for the global Internet of Things (IoT). Providing exceptional customer experience continues to be paramount for mobile carriers. With current self-care tools not answering customers’ care and support questions, carriers are looking at new self-care initiatives to change the way self service is delivered.

With Wysdom self-care platform powering their self service apps, carriers deliver the customer care experience their customers want with instant access to personalized information by doing a quick search on their smartphone. By adding context from customer data to the latest in natural language processing technologies, Wysdom delivers highly qualified answers without the customer doing an extensive online search for the relevant information or call/chat with a care agent.

“Given the international nature of the Internet of Things we have designed the Wysdom platform from the ground up to support multiple languages”, says Ian Collins, CEO and Co-founder of Crowdcare. “It’s great to see this next step in the evolution of the platform by enabling our multi-language module and watch it answer real questions from customers in more than one language. Our efforts at CrowdCare are more globally focused in 2016 and this multi-language capability will help us to support customers around the world”.

About CrowdCare

CrowdCare is a fast growing technology company committed to creating the best customer self-care experiences on the planet. By providing the world’s most advanced care and support solutions for connected devices, CrowdCare helps mobile carriers and IoT providers increase customer satisfaction and lower their service costs. Wysdom software provides cognitive self care by adding context to the the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deliver instant actionable answers, specifically relevant to each user.