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Get a FREE White Paper: Fight the Revenue Drain from OTT Applications

Get a FREE White Paper: Fight the Revenue Drain from OTT Applications   With service providers estimated to lose $386 billion by 2018 due to competition from OTT applications, they need to rapidly seek new revenue models. Up until now, service providers have not had much success in competing with these OTT services, which makes this trend a major concern.  “Think about the OTT (over the top) Cloud applications that run on the infrastructure you provide: Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Google Maps and more. You provide the infrastructure, the satellite links, the entire spectrum of network services… and OTTs use it all to siphon revenue from you with lower-quality and often-free apps.” In our latest white paper, Combating the Revenue Drain form OTT Applications, we explore some strategies for keeping the integrity of your business model intact. By leveraging your strengths and expanding to new verticals, you may find that you can improve business as a whole. So how can you ensure success? In our opinion, service providers must first take few actions that will make you more than just a ‘connectivity’ provider: Open your systems to speed up provisioning Integrate and disaggregate applicable functions for optimal efficiency Incorporate network function virtualization (NFV) to help cut costs Move to the cloud’s edge to improve quality of experience When done correctly, these steps can provide you definite advantage over any OTT. To learn more, download...

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Telcos positioned for new frontiers with OpenStack

Issue: Europe II 2016 Article no.: 14 Topic: Telcos positioned for new frontiers with OpenStack Author: E.G.Nadhan Title: Chief Technology Strategist Organisation: Red Hat PDF size: 386KB About author With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry selling, delivering and managing enterprise solutions for global enterprises, E.G.Nadhan is the Chief Technology Strategist at Red Hat working with the executive leadership of enterprises to innovatively drive Cloud Transformation with Open Source technologies and DevOps. Nadhan also provides thought leadership on various concepts including Big Data, Analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT). Prior to joining Red Hat, Nadhan...

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How kinetic mesh technology for private wireless networks aids humanity’s desire for movement

Issue: Europe II 2016 Article no.: 13 Topic: How kinetic mesh technology for private wireless networks aids humanity’s desire for movement Author: Robert Schena Title: CEO & Founder Organisation: Rajant Corporation PDF size: 229KB About author Robert J. Schena – Chairman, CEO and CofounderIn 2002, Robert Schena co-founded Rajant Corporation, the pioneer of Kinetic Mesh Networks and a Finalist for PACT’s Emerging Technology Company of the Year.In 1999, Robert Schena co-founded Airclic, Inc., a wireless application and scanning company and raised $15 million from a group led by Goldman Sachs and Blue Capital Management. Motorola and Symbol Technologies forged a partnership to acquire Airclic and closed a $287 million financial round as well as the contribution of intellectual property in excess of $162 million. Also in 1999, Mr. Schena participated in the founding of World Wide Packets, a Gigabit Ethernet company.In 1996, Mr. Schena successfully obtained for his company an FCC license to provide an Open Video System, becoming the first one to do so. In 2004, he was successful in changing U.S. telecommunications regulations, resulting in obtaining the first FCC license for broadband services delivered in the U.S. from a Canadian satellite.In 1992, Schena founded FutureVision of America (FVA), forging a partnership with Bell Atlantic to commercially launch the first video dial tone and digital TV over television. FVA was successfully sold to Bell Atlantic.Prior to founding FVA,...

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Powerful business insights increase profits across the enterprise technology sales lifecycle

Issue: Europe II 2016 Article no.: 12 Topic: Powerful business insights increase profits across the enterprise technology sales lifecycle Author: Ittai Bareket Title: CEO Organisation: Netformx PDF size: 332KB About author Ittai Bareket, CEO, Netformx, Inc Under Mr. Bareket’s strategic leadership Netformx has become the leader in enterprise sales enablement and actionable business insights. Netformx accelerates solution provider profits with powerful business intelligence, actionable insights, collaboration, and automation that connect people, information, and processes throughout the enterprise sales lifecycle. Netformx has over 2,000 service provider, systems integrator, and technology vendor customers in more than 120 countries. They rely on the company’s award-winning solutions to design and sell winning and implementable multivendor network, data center, managed, hosted and cloud solutions, while operating their businesses profitably. Mr. Bareket joined Netformx in 2000 and had responsibility for sales, marketing, and operations before being appointed CEO in the summer of 2005. Previously he held positions at Mercury Interactive Corporation (now HP) including President of Mercury Interactive Japan K.K. and General Manager for Japan and Korea. Article abstract Successful solution providers use the power of software to take a business focused, integrated, and collaborative approach to the entire sales process. They use powerful business intelligence, analytics, and automation to gain the actionable insights they need to win more deals, ensure what they sell can be implemented successfully, and maximize profitability.  Full Article Rampant complexity...

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Improving the customer network journey to boost NPS

Issue: Europe II 2016 Article no.: 11 Topic: Improving the customer network journey to boost NPS Author: Ofir Zemer Title: CEO Organisation: Cellwize PDF size: 199KB About author Ofir joined Cellwize in 2013 as the CEO bringing over 20 years of high-level software and systems experience with some of the largest telecom groups in the world. Prior to Cellwize, he co-founded the software company Pontis and partnered with some of the leading vendors and systems integrators in the telecom space, such as: Accenture, Cap Gemini, Amdocs (NYSE:DOX), IBM (NYSE:IBM)and SAS. He has served as the General Manager of the Instant Communication Division at Comverse Technology as well as the VP Marketing of the Messaging Division. Ofir graduated from INSEAD business school with a distinction in the MBA program and holds a B.A. in Economics and Law from Tel-Aviv University. Article abstract Survey results from Heavy Reading show that mobile operators believe that network service quality is a top driver of customer loyalty, taking a higher precedence to customer care or price. Because of the significance that network quality has on NPS (Net Promoter Score) scores (aka “network-driven NPS”), it’s recommended that mobile operators focus on customer-oriented network performance to boost NPS.  Full Article Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a powerful driver of business success. Research shows that if a company’s NPS, an index based on customers’ willingness to recommend...

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