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Theme: The broadband connection - redefining connectivity

Broadband access, wired and wireless alike, is the future of telecommunications. Universal service is no longer just a question of voice, but of broadband, which can handle both voice and data (the Internet) with equal aplomb. The services both individuals and businesses want and need, in even the remotest reaches of our planet, are all broadband-based. Consumer appetite for broadband communications, driven in large part by social networking and the image sharing that goes with it, is the driving force for user and infrastructure equipment innovation. Broadband is also the enabler for an enormous range of new services that are redefining everything from government services to social structures. The theme for this issue of Connect-World will be The broadband connection - redefining connectivity.

Offloading mobile broadband traffic

Issue: 2010 Article no.: 10 Topic: Offloading mobile broadband traffic Author: Vikash Varma Title: President & CEO Organisation: Stoke, Inc. PDF size: 328KB About author Vikash Varma is the President & CEO of Stoke, Inc....

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Unleashing home wireless

Issue: 2010 Article no.: 11 Topic: Unleashing home wireless Author: Bulent Celebi Title: CEO Organisation: AirTies PDF size: 362KB About author Bülent Çelebi is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AirTies, a...

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A pragmatic approach to Unified Communications

Issue: 2010 Article no.: 12 Topic: A pragmatic approach to Unified Communications Author: Walter Kok Title: Director, Customer Service Operations Organisation: Vodafone Global Enterprise PDF size: 268KB About author Walter Kok...

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Dealing with demand

Issue: 2010 Article no.: 4 Topic: Dealing with demand Author: Bill Routt Title: Vice President Operations Organisation: MobiTV Inc PDF size: 321KB About author Bill Routt is VP Technical Operations at MobiTV. He is responsible...

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Successful delivery of broadband services

Issue: 2010 Article no.: 5 Topic: Successful delivery of broadband services Author: Doug Dickerson Title: President Organisation: Tektronix Communications PDF size: 283KB About author Doug Dickerson is the President of Tektronix...

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Feeding the data-hungry subscriber

Issue: 2010 Article no.: 6 Topic: Feeding the data-hungry subscriber Author: Vince Lesch Title: CTO Organisation: Tekelec PDF size: 307KB About author Vince Lesch is CTO of Tekelec, a session and mobile data management company....

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The mobile video traffic explosion

Issue: 2010 Article no.: 7 Topic: The mobile video traffic explosion Author: Avichai Levy Title: Executive Vice President of Marketing Organisation: Mobixell PDF size: 353KB About author Avichai Levy is the Executive Vice...

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Successful delivery of broadband services

Issue: 2010 Article no.: 8 Topic: Successful delivery of broadband services Author: Shlomo Wolfman Title: Co-Founder & COO Organisation: Starhome PDF size: 308KB About author Shlomo Wolfman the co-founder, COO and former CTO...

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