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Asia-Pacific I 2017 media pack

Theme:  The virtualization of SDN networks Software defined networking (SDN) has emerged as a promising paradigm for making the control of communication networks flexible. SDN separates the data packet forwarding plane, i.e.,...

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Global-ICT 2017 media pack

Theme:  Collaborating in the digital economy: why working together is critical for growth Rapid technological developments, societal changes and radical new business models are enriching and enlarging the ICT ecosystem. Never...

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EMEA 2017 media pack

Theme:  Change is afoot in the media world. Change is afoot in the media world. Monetisation, content creation and distribution are all adapting to the rampant growth of mobile, connected, personal devices coupled to rising...

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Europe II 2017 media pack

Theme: The growing awareness of the advantages provided by virtualization technology Virtualization technology is possibly the single most important issue in IT and has started a top to bottom overhaul of the computing industry....

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India 2017 media pack

Theme : Digitisation in India: Where are we now? Challenges & Prospects. Digitalisation, as we call it today, is sweeping across every aspect of our daily lives in all possible ways. Right from gathering the news we find in...

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Latin America 2017 media pack

Theme:   Digital Transformation – Truth or Myth? What is digital for you? This is one of the questions that more is heard in this moment and the answers are often very similar, involving cost reduction and revenue...

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North America I 2017 media pack

Theme:  How will the financial world be affected by Fintech? Financial technology, also known as FinTech, is a line of business based on using software to provide financial services. Financial technology companies are generally...

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