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Asia-Pacific III 2017 media pack

Theme:  5G – Creating a new era of communication The future of mobile communications is likely to be very different to that which we are used to today. While demand for mobile broadband will continue to increase, largely driven...

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EMEA 2018 media pack

Theme:  TV is not Going Anywhere, it’s Going Everywhere TV Everywhere (also known as authenticated streaming or authenticated video on-demand) refers to a business model wherein access to streaming video content from a...

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Europe II 2018 media pack

Theme: The changing realities of the global economy? Traditional profit pools are evaporating as “free” apps and services from over-the-top competitors ride the global telecommunications infrastructure and enormous base of...

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India 2018 media pack

Theme : Smartphones in India India is already one of the largest smartphone markets in the world in terms of volume. According to Ovum, India’s smartphone penetration stood at 24% of total connections in 2015. The average...

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Latin America 2018 media pack

Theme:   Social Networking in Latin America As Latin American social media continues to grow, and shows no signs of stopping. Latin American internet users spend an average of ten hours on social media a month, five more hours...

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North America II 2017 media pack

Theme: Is Cloud Computing similar to Virtualization? Virtualization and Cloud Computing are becoming common terms. Global leaders in Information Technology (IT) advertise with their new solutions of Virtualization and Cloud...

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Global-ICT 2018 media pack

Theme:  Artificial intelligence and Smart Cities Smart cities are powered by data, collected, generated and connected by a complex network of IoT applications and solutions. As IoT and AI advances, machines continue to learn,...

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