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Asia-Pacific III 2011 (17)

Asia-Pacific III 2011

Theme: Mobile phones vs PCs - we are all winning

While smart phones deliver PC functions, PCs are used as communication tools, wired or wireless. The latest advent of slim-line tablets blurs further the traditional roles of devices. This gives rise to a new range of ‘Mobility Services’. Such services range from shop-floor information flow that speeds up manufacturing, machine-to-machine (M2M) automation, mobile money and mobile eCommerce, which are slated to bring future growth.

In a Cloudy Forecast, Opportunity Shines

Scott PuopoloIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2011
Article no.:10
Topic:In a Cloudy Forecast, Opportunity Shines
Author:Scott Puopolo
Global Service Provider Practice, IBSG
Organisation:Cisco Systems
PDF size:268KB

Mobility in Asian manufacturing

Saj KumarIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2011
Article no.:5
Topic:Mobility in Asian manufacturing
Author:Saj Kumar
Title:VP of Discrete Manufacturing, Asia Pacific Japan
PDF size:341KB

PC versus mobile is yesterday’s battle

Rajeev Singh-MolaresIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2011
Article no.:8
Topic:PC versus mobile is yesterday’s battle
Author:Rajeev Singh-Molares
Title:President of Alcatel-Lucent, Asia-Pacific
PDF size:267KB

Mobile phones vs. PCs – how Mobiles outgrow PCs

Dr Mohammad YaseenMuhammad Amir MalikIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2011
Article no.:1
Topic:Mobile phones vs. PCs – how Mobiles outgrow PCs
Author:Mohammad Yaseen & Muhammad Amir Malik,
Title:Chairman &
Director for ICT
Organisation:Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)
PDF size:282KB

Asia-Pacific and the Converged Digital Home

Duncan BeesIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2011
Article no.:2
Topic:Asia-Pacific and the Converged Digital Home
Author:Duncan Bees
Title:Chief Business & Technology Officer
Organisation:Home Gateway Initiative
PDF size:292KB

The rise and rise of mobile money

Sanjay MewadaIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2011
Article no.:3
Topic:The rise and rise of mobile money
Author:Sanjay Mewada
Title:Vice President, Strategy
PDF size:266KB

Mobile opportunities, smartphones vs PC

Chris BruceIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2011
Article no.:14
Topic:Mobile opportunities, smartphones vs PC
Author:Chris Bruce
Organisation:Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA)
PDF size:269KB

Mobile backhaul networks – the next generation

 Robin MershNikhil B. ShahIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2011
Article no.:17
Topic:Mobile backhaul networks – the next generation
Author:Robin Mersh & Nikhil B. Shah
Title:CEO &
Chairman, International Development
Organisation:Broadband Forum
PDF size:1591KB
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