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Asia-Pacific III 2012 (15)

Asia-Pacific III 2012

Theme: The evolution of Charging and Billing

The transformation of Telecom forces a similar evolution of the billing systems. Some systems cannot evolve to cope with entirely new business models and different methods of charging. The existing flat rate for Data Services is considered destructive and must be replaced by charging for user-perceived value, using far-reaching charging rules. Mechanisms for micropayment are no longer a myth – just look at what the Apple App Store has achieved! The success of Mobile Money in certain regions means that at long last, the financial side of Telecom is progressing. Paperless bills and real-time charging are now overtaking that traditional billing system, while user credit and financial transactions remain in sharp focus.

Do bill me, please!

Ernest L. CuIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2012
Article no.:1
Topic:Do bill me, please!
Author:Ernest L. Cu
Title:President and CEO
Organisation:Globe Telecom, Inc
PDF size:262KB

Overcoming the mobile data traffic challenge

Dave LabudaIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2012
Article no.:2
Topic:Overcoming the mobile data traffic challenge
Author:Dave Labuda
Title:Founder, CEO & CTO
Organisation:MATRIXX Software
PDF size:239KB

The rise of machines

David BurksIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2012
Article no.:7
Topic:The rise of machines
Author:David Burks
Title:VP for APAC and MEA
Organisation:Orga Systems
PDF size:282KB

Total Convergence

Louis Hall Issue: Asia-Pacific III 2012
Article no.: 8
Topic: Total Convergence
Author: Louis Hall
Title: CEO
Organisation: Cerillion Technologies
PDF size: 220KB

Seizing Revenue Opportunities with Fixed Wireless

Roy WittertIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2012
Article no.:12
Topic:Seizing Revenue Opportunities with Fixed Wireless
Author:Roy Wittert
Title:VP of Sales and Marketing for APAC
Organisation:Cambium Networks
PDF size:235KB
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