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Asia-Pacific I 2013 (16)

Asia-Pacific I 2013

Theme: Pipes within pipes - fast lanes in the Broadband highway

As LTE is marching on, Satellite is getting affordable and WiFi islands provide a city-network patchwork – the world of access providers creates pipes-within-pipes in a wholesale market, while the world of applications is moving into the web sphere. How is the landscape of network providers and service providers changing with the advent of Broadband?

LTE -taking pride in performance

Paul Beaver Issue:Asia-Pacific I 2013
Article no.:16
Topic:LTE -taking pride in performance
Author:Paul Beaver
Title:Products Director
PDF size:259KB

Mobile broadband vs. customer demand

Kelvin Lee Issue:Asia-Pacific I 2013
Article no.:15
Topic:Mobile broadband vs. customer demand
Author:Kelvin Lee
Title:Senior General Manager
Organisation:Green Packet
PDF size:217KB

Monetizing 4G with New Operational Approaches

Sanjay Mewada Issue:Asia-Pacific I 2013
Article no.:14
Topic:Monetizing 4G with New Operational Approaches
Author:Sanjay Mewada
Title:Vice President for Strategy
Organisation:NetCracker Technology
PDF size:296KB

Strict SLAs and service aware media

Per Lindgren Issue:Asia-Pacific I 2013
Article no.:13
Topic:Strict SLAs and service aware media
Author:Per Lindgren
Title:VP for Business Development
Organisation:Net Insight
PDF size:257KB

IPX in Next Generation Networks

Mikaël Schachne Issue:Asia-Pacific I 2013
Article no.:11
Topic:IPX in Next Generation Networks
Author:Mikaël Schachne
Title:VP Mobile Data Business
PDF size:504KB

Broadband and learning in Asia

Rajeev Singh-Molares Issue:Asia-Pacific I 2013
Article no.:1
Topic:Broadband and learning in Asia
Author:Rajeev Singh-Molares
Title:Executive Vice President
PDF size:238KB

How to make mobile broadband profitable

Paul Tyler Issue:Asia-Pacific I 2013
Article no.:3
Topic:How to make mobile broadband profitable
Author:Paul Tyler
Title:Head of Asia Pacific Region
Organisation:Nokia Siemens Networks
PDF size:231KB

Mixing small cells with LTE

Vikash Varma Issue:Asia-Pacific I 2013
Article no.:4
Topic:Mixing small cells with LTE
Author:Vikash Varma
Title:President and CEO
Organisation:Stoke, Inc.
PDF size:203KB

Moving from islands to an ocean of WiFi

Keerti Melkote Issue:Asia-Pacific I 2013
Article no.:5
Topic:Moving from islands to an ocean of WiFi
Author:Keerti Melkote
Title:Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Organisation:Aruba Networks
PDF size:163KB

Connecting the globetrotting digital nomad

Allen Pan Issue:Asia-Pacific I 2013
Article no.:6
Topic:Connecting the globetrotting digital nomad
Author:Allen Pan
Title:Director of Asia Pacific
Organisation:Boingo Wireless
PDF size:215KB

The demand for information and the evolution of wireless

Yijing Brentano Issue: Asia-Pacific I 2013
Article no.: 8
Topic: The demand for information and the evolution of wireless
Author: Yijing Brentano
Title: President of International Wholesale and Business Development
Organisation: Sprint
PDF size: 399KB

Pipes and policy

Shai Ophir Issue:Asia-Pacific I 2013
Article no.:9
Topic: Pipes and policy
Author:Shai Ophir
Title:Head of Chief Technology Office
PDF size:208KB
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