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Asia-Pacific II 2010 (15)

Asia-Pacific II 2010

Theme: The cost of connectivity

Technology has its costs - and they are not all easily measurable. A new technology might do more, and do it more cheaply, but the cost of capital, of transition and the social costs might well break fragile businesses, disrupt the business models of large and small companies alike and burden society by widening the social and economic gap between those that can access the new technologies and those that cannot. The growth of ICT has also, for example, increased power usage to the point that energy costs can, over time, dominate the total cost of ownership. This alarmingly high-energy usage contributes to global warming and makes the use of power saving - green - technologies increasingly important. This issue will take a hard look at the real, often hidden, costs of connectivity - including social, economic, political, educational and other ‘soft’ costs of connectivity - and their inevitability or avoidability.

Accessible and affordable connectivity in Singapore

RADM (NS) Ronnie TayIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2010
Article no.:1
Topic:Accessible and affordable connectivity in Singapore
Author:RADM (NS) Ronnie Tay
Organisation:Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
PDF size:254KB

Business opportunities in the ‘Cloud’

Geoff ThomasIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2010
Article no.:2
Topic:Business opportunities in the ‘Cloud’
Author:Geoff Thomas
Title:General Manager, Asia, Communications Sector
Organisation:Microsoft Corporation
PDF size:354KB

Cloud computing - what to look for in Asia

Chris WhitneyIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2010
Article no.:3
Topic:Cloud computing - what to look for in Asia
Author:Chris Whitney
Organisation:HP Labs Singapore
PDF size:269KB

Painting the town ‘green’

Nick LambertIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2010
Article no.:5
Topic:Painting the town ‘green’
Author:Nick Lambert
Title:Managing Director - Global Markets
Organisation:Cable &Wireless Worldwide
PDF size:235KB

Mobile finance - a service revolution

Justin HoIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2010
Article no.:6
Topic:Mobile finance - a service revolution
Author:Justin Ho
Organisation:Utiba Pte Ltd, Singapore
PDF size:256KB

Evolving voice messaging to call completion

Mark WilliamsIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2010
Article no.:7
Topic:Evolving voice messaging to call completion
Author:Mark Williams
Title:Senior Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific
PDF size:234KB

The cost of connectivity

Christian FrueanIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2010
Article no.:8
Topic:The cost of connectivity
Author:Christian Fruean
Organisation:Digicel Samoa
PDF size:235KB

Data services and revenue growth

Issue:Asia-Pacific II 2010
Article no.:10
Topic:Data services and revenue growth
Author:Monica Ricci
Title:VP Product Management
Organisation:Intec Telecom Systems
PDF size:228KB

A very different connected world

Michael LaiIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2010
Article no.:11
Topic:A very different connected world
Author:Michael Lai
Organisation:Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd
PDF size:288KB

In-building wireless

Colin AbreyIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2010
Article no.:12
Topic:In-building wireless
Author:Colin Abrey
Title:VP of Sales and Marketing
PDF size:234KB

Approaching IPv4 flatline

Mohamad Rozaimy B Abd RahmanIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2010
Article no.:13
Topic:Approaching IPv4 flatline
Author:Mohamad Rozaimy B Abd Rahman
Title:Executive Vice President
Organisation:Global of Telekom Malaysia
PDF size:256KB

Chipsets and 4G in Asia-Pacific

Raj SinghIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2010
Article no.:14
Topic:Chipsets and 4G in Asia-Pacific
Author:Raj Singh
Title:President and CEO
Organisation:Wavesat, Inc
PDF size:354KB

The hidden costs of mobile messaging

Cyrille EvenIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2010
Article no.:15
Topic:The hidden costs of mobile messaging
Author:Cyrille Even
Title:VP, Asia
PDF size:230KB
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