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Asia-Pacific I 2010 (13)

Asia-Pacific I 2010

Theme: Networks and world greening

Companies are increasingly recognising their social obligation to reduce their environmental impact. Environmental responsibility, once considered a burden, often proves to have a variety of unforeseen benefits - often measureable on the bottom line. Meeting social obligations often requires improving operational efficiency, developing new processes and products and results in the discovery of ways to cut costs - especially those for energy. The drive to be green is also creating unsuspected new markets and services.  The theme for this issue of Connect-World will be Networks and world greening.

Green is in - harvesting the intelligent network

Raghav SahgalIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2010
Article no.:2
Topic:Green is in - harvesting the intelligent network
Author:Raghav Sahgal
Title:Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan
Organisation:Oracle Communications
PDF size:189KB

Service provider collaboration

Diarmid MasseyIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2010
Article no.:5
Topic:Service provider collaboration
Author:Diarmid Massey
Title:Vice President - Carrier Services, Global Markets
Organisation:Cable & Wireless Worldwide
PDF size:185KB

Dialling a better future

Jing WangIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2010
Article no.:8
Topic:Dialling a better future
Author:Jing Wang
Title:Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific & Middle East and Africa
PDF size:185KB

Technology for a low carbon future

Chong Win LeeIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2010
Article no.:9
Topic:Technology for a low carbon future
Author:Chong Win Lee
Title:Business Development Leader
Organisation:Nortel Asia
PDF size:182KB

Green IT for a greener world

Eric HohIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2010
Article no.:10
Topic:Green IT for a greener world
Author:Eric Hoh
Title:Vice President, Asia South Region
PDF size:184KB

‘Dual Greening’ for today’s networks

Manish GuptaIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2010
Article no.:11
Topic:‘Dual Greening’ for today’s networks
Author:Manish Gupta
Title:Vice President of Global Networks
Organisation:Kabira Technologies
PDF size:219KB

Mobile service, costs and a green agenda

Lance HileyIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2010
Article no.:12
Topic:Mobile service, costs and a green agenda
Author:Lance Hiley
Title:Vice President, Marketing
Organisation:Cambridge Broadband Networks
PDF size:193KB

Hybrid solutions to next generation IT challenges

Fabrizio CivitareseIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2010
Article no.:13
Topic:Hybrid solutions to next generation IT challenges
Author:Fabrizio Civitarese
Title:Vice-President, Asia Pacific
Organisation:Reliance Globalcom
PDF size:189KB
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