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Asia-Pacific III 2009 (16)

Asia-Pacific III 2009

Theme: Shrinking equipment, a shrinking world

The advance of information and communication technology is largely due to doing more with less, to shrinking the unshrinkable just a little bit more. Shrinking brings lower prices, greater reliability, lower power usage and more functionality in less space. More importantly, the shrinking process is putting the world in the pockets of more and more people each day. Not everyone can afford a PC or a laptop. Many people have limited access to reliable sources of power and fewer have access to the Internet.

The era of smart devices

Dr. Mohammed YaseenIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2009
Article no.:1
Topic:The era of smart devices
Author:Dr. Mohammed Yaseen
Organisation:Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)
PDF size:201KB

Doing more with less for a connected world

Ricky CorkerIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2009
Article no.:2
Topic:Doing more with less for a connected world
Author:Ricky Corker
Title:Head of APAC
Organisation:Nokia Siemens Networks
PDF size:182KB

The art of reduction

Robert FoxIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2009
Article no.:3
Topic:The art of reduction
Author:Robert Fox
Title:Chief Branding Officer, Wireless Product Line
Organisation:Huawei Technologies
PDF size:182KB

LTE and the software defined radio

Xiaodong ZhuIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2009
Article no.:4
Topic:LTE and the software defined radio
Author:Xiaodong Zhu
Title:CTO, Western Europe Marketing Platform
PDF size:239KB

Growing pains in a shrinking world

Tony ScarfoIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2009
Article no.:5
Topic:Growing pains in a shrinking world
Author:Tony Scarfo
Title:Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Global Sales Channels and Partners
Organisation:ECI Telecom
PDF size:305KB

Satellites connecting a world in motion

Micha LawrenceIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2009
Article no.:7
Topic:Satellites connecting a world in motion
Author:Micha Lawrence
Title:Founder and CEO
Organisation:Starling Advanced Communications
PDF size:177KB

Shrinking devices, extending services

Dr Daniel MavrakisIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2009
Article no.:8
Topic:Shrinking devices, extending services
Author:Dr Daniel Mavrakis
Title:President and CEO
PDF size:182KB

Rich mobile experiences for the mass market

Gordon TsangIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2009
Article no.:9
Topic:Rich mobile experiences for the mass market
Author:Gordon Tsang
Title:SVP Sales & General Manager Asia
PDF size:224KB

State of the ‘Telco Nation’

Greg RussellIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2009
Article no.:10
Topic:State of the ‘Telco Nation’
Author:Greg Russell
Title:Senior Vice President
Organisation:Telstra International, Asia
PDF size:185KB

Convergence, costs and customers

Parmeet AhujaIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2009
Article no.:11
Topic:Convergence, costs and customers
Author:Parmeet Ahuja
Title:President and Country General Manager
Organisation:Agilent Technologies, India
PDF size:183KB

User-centric data analysis and network optimisation

Subhendu MohantyIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2009
Article no.:12
Topic:User-centric data analysis and network optimisation
Author:Subhendu Mohanty
Title:Country Head, Home & Networks Mobility
Organisation:Motorola India
PDF size:267KB

Mobilising India - a people on the move

R ChandrasekaranIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2009
Article no.:13
Topic:Mobilising India - a people on the move
Author:R Chandrasekaran
Title:President and Managing Director, Global Delivery
PDF size:185KB

Preparing for surging mobile broadband demand

Pramoda Kumar RaiIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2009
Article no.:14
Topic:Preparing for surging mobile broadband demand
Author:Pramoda Kumar Rai
Title:India Country Manager
Organisation:Allot Communications
PDF size:193KB

Shattering authentication myths

Dr Shekhar KiraniIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2009
Article no.:15
Topic:Shattering authentication myths
Author:Dr Shekhar Kirani
Title:Country Manager
Organisation:VeriSign India
PDF size:181KB

Mobile entertainment - a global perspective

Rohith BhatIssue:Asia-Pacific III 2009
Article no.:16
Topic:Mobile entertainment - a global perspective
Author:Rohith Bhat
Title:Managing Director & CEO
Organisation:Robosoft Technologies
PDF size:230KB
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