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Asia-Pacific II 2009 (16)

Asia-Pacific II 2009

Theme: Information and Communication Business Technology

Information and communications technologies, ICTs,  have always had a significant impact upon businesses. Today, they can be the business. Virtual businesses abound and even their services or products can be virtual; only the money is real. The savings and earnings that advanced ICTs bring to businesses, both real and virtual, are transforming business models, creating new markets and providing new opportunities for millions of workers. The Asia Pacific region has long been among the earliest adopters and most effective users of technology.

Mobile broadband evolution

Alan HaddenIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2009
Article no.:1
Topic:Mobile broadband evolution
Author:Alan Hadden
Organisation:Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA)
PDF size:208KB

The economy and ICT innovation

Bernard YeeIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2009
Article no.:2
Topic:The economy and ICT innovation
Author:Bernard Yee
Title:Vice President
Organisation:AT&T Asia Pacific
PDF size:228KB

Delivering software-plus-services

Geoff ThomasIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2009
Article no.:3
Topic:Delivering software-plus-services
Author:Geoff Thomas
Title:General Manager, Communications Sector, Asia Pacific, Greater China, India and Japan
Organisation:Microsoft Corporation
PDF size:252KB

Mobilising the workforce

Paul BlinkhornIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2009
Article no.:4
Topic:Mobilising the workforce
Author:Paul Blinkhorn
Title:Australia Country Manager, Vice President of Motorola’s Enterprise Mobility business, Australia and New Zealand and Asia-Pacific Channels
PDF size:192KB

Mobile business communications

Tan Choon SengIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2009
Article no.:5
Topic:Mobile business communications
Author:Tan Choon Seng
PDF size:224KB

WiMAX: boon for businesses everywhere

Michael LaiIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2009
Article no.:6
Topic:WiMAX: boon for businesses everywhere
Author:Michael Lai
Organisation:Packet One Networks Sdn Bhd.
PDF size:188KB

The next television revolution

Dario ChoiIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2009
Article no.:7
Topic:The next television revolution
Author:Dario Choi
Title:Executive VP and General Manager, Tandberg Television Asia-Pacific
Organisation:Ericsson Group
PDF size:200KB

The power of messaging

Boudewijn PeschIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2009
Article no.:8
Topic:The power of messaging
Author:Boudewijn Pesch
Title:Managing Director
Organisation:Acision Asia Pacific
PDF size:224KB

Mobile banking - sense, dollars, and cents

Chris CarrIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2009
Article no.:9
Topic:Mobile banking - sense, dollars, and cents
Author:Chris Carr
Title:Vice President, Sales, Southeast Asia Pacific
PDF size:216KB

Mobile services on the move in Asia Pacific

Dr Abdul Razaque MemonIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2009
Article no.:10
Topic:Mobile services on the move in Asia Pacific
Author:Dr Abdul Razaque Memon
Title:Solution Marketing, Application Business Division
Organisation:Alcatel-Lucent Asia Pacific
PDF size:520KB

Virtualization trends in ICT for business

Andrew DuttonIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2009
Article no.:11
Topic:Virtualization trends in ICT for business
Author:Andrew Dutton
Title:General Manager
Organisation:VMware Asia Pacific
PDF size:184KB

Collaboration - the catalyst for growth

Wilfred KwanIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2009
Article no.:12
Topic:Collaboration - the catalyst for growth
Author:Wilfred Kwan
Title:Chief Technology Officer
PDF size:184KB

Network sharing in Asia

Simon KongIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2009
Article no.:13
Topic:Network sharing in Asia
Author:Simon Kong
Title:Business Development Director, Asia Pacific region
Organisation:Omnix Software
PDF size:184KB

Product innovation, performance and support

Adam JuddIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2009
Article no.:14
Topic:Product innovation, performance and support
Author:Adam Judd
Title:Senior Vice President for Asia Pacific
Organisation:Juniper Networks
PDF size:180KB

Standards for Broadband Convergence

Robin MershIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2009
Article no.:15
Topic:Standards for Broadband Convergence
Author:Robin Mersh
Title:Chief Operating Officer
Organisation:Broadband Forum
PDF size:252KB

Solutions for next-generation wireless

Ben CardwellIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2009
Article no.:16
Topic:Solutions for next-generation wireless
Author:Ben Cardwell
Title:VP, Asia Pacific and China
Organisation:Andrew Wireless Solutions
PDF size:208KB
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