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Asia-Pacific II 2008 (13)

Asia-Pacific II 2008

Theme: Access evolution– from wired to wireless to where?

Access was once synonymous with copper. Wireless access now outpaces wired and mobile phones outnumber fixed. Fibre brings TV, broadband and inexpensive voice, and even power lines are used by utilities, offices, factory floors and homes for broadband access. Much of the change, the revolution in telecom is the result of better access technologies. Technologies already in the pipeline, and others on the way, promise to change the way we communicate, work and play to an even greater degree than anything we have seen.

Singapore’s digital future

Lee Boon YangIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2008
Article no.:1
Topic:Singapore’s digital future
Author:Dr Lee Boon Yang
Title:Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts
Organisation:Republic of Singapore
PDF size:264KB

Access evolution in Turkey

Tayfun AcarerIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2008
Article no.:2
Topic:Access evolution in Turkey
Author:Dr Tayfun Acarer
Title:President of Telecommunications Authority and Chairman of the Telecommunications Board
Organisation:the Republic of Turkey
PDF size:276KB

Access evolution in Uzbekistan

Abdulla AripovIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2008
Article no.:3
Topic:Access evolution in Uzbekistan
Author:Abdulla Aripov
Title:Director-General, Communications and Information Agency and Chairman of the State Committee for Radio Frequencies
Organisation:Republic of Uzbekistan
PDF size:216KB

Pushing the economy with mobile

Vanessa SloweyIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2008
Article no.:4
Topic:Pushing the economy with mobile
Author:Vanessa Slowey
Organisation:Digicel Pacific
PDF size:308KB

The promise of telecommunications

Lin Chi HungIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2008
Article no.:5
Topic:The promise of telecommunications
Author:Mr Chi Lin
Title:President & CEO
Organisation:Altai Technologies Limited
PDF size:188KB

Network evolution

Kim PerdikouIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2008
Article no.:6
Topic:Network evolution
Author:Kim Perdikou
Title:Executive Vice President, Infrastructure Products Group, and General Manager, Service Provider Business Team
Organisation:Juniper Networks, Inc
PDF size:220KB

From wireless to where?

Chris CarrIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2008
Article no.:7
Topic:From wireless to where?
Author:Chris Carr
Title:VP Sales
Organisation:Nokia South-East Asia-Pacific
PDF size:252KB

The case for femtocells

Nick JohnsonIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2008
Article no.:8
Topic:The case for femtocells
Author:Nick Johnson
PDF size:232KB

Smartphones, a smart answer

Olivier RozayIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2008
Article no.:9
Topic:Smartphones, a smart answer
Author:Olivier Rozay
Title:Regional Director, Asia-Pacific
Organisation:Palm Inc
PDF size:216KB

WiMAX - the challenges of new technology

Ben CardwellIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2008
Article no.:10
Topic:WiMAX - the challenges of new technology
Author:Ben Cardwell
Title:Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Asia-Pacific
Organisation:Andrew Wireless Solutions
PDF size:220KB

New generation broadband and satellite communications

Seah Moon MingIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2008
Article no.:11
Topic:New generation broadband and satellite communications
Author:Seah Moon Ming
Title:President of International Business and Deputy CEO
Organisation:Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited.
PDF size:272KB

Connected lifestyle, connected life

Sandi ThomasIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2008
Article no.:12
Topic:Connected lifestyle, connected life
Author:Sandi Thomas
Title:General Manager, Communications Sector, Asia-Pacific
PDF size:312KB

Security support

KP TangIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2008
Article no.:13
Topic:Security support
Author:K. P. Tang
Organisation:Avnet Technology Solutions, Asia-Pacific
PDF size:308KB
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