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Asia-Pacific I 2008 (17)

Asia-Pacific I 2008

Theme: Broadband - network strategy for core and access

Broadband is the game, the future of telecommunications – wired and wireless alike. What are the today’s best growth strategies? How do you pay for the buildout? How do you fill the pipes later? How do equipment manufacturers, the software developers, content providers, regulators and, yes, the users, fit into the new environment?

Broadband and the social impact of ICT in

Sivasankaran P. ThampiIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2008
Article no.:1
Topic:Broadband and the social impact of ICT in
Author:Sivasankaran P. Thampi
Title:Director of the Information, Communication and Space Technology Division
Organisation:United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, UNESCAP
PDF size:213KB

It’s a broadband world

Pradman P. KaulIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2008
Article no.:2
Topic:It’s a broadband world
Author:Pradman P. Kaul
Title:President and CEO
Organisation:Hughes Communications, Inc
PDF size:209KB

Satellites - the vital link

David BallIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2008
Article no.:3
Topic:Satellites - the vital link
Author:David Ball
Title:Regional Vice President, Asia-Pacific
PDF size:249KB

Mobile WiMAX - broadband for emerging economies

Yossi ShabatIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2008
Article no.:4
Topic:Mobile WiMAX - broadband for emerging economies
Author:Yossi Shabat
Title:Senior Vice President of International Operations
Organisation:SOMA Networks
PDF size:225KB

WiMAX - a strategic move

Kevin SuitorIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2008
Article no.:5
Topic:WiMAX - a strategic move
Author:Kevin Suitor
Title:Vice President, Marketing & Business Development
Organisation:Redline Communications Inc.
PDF size:207KB

Video - today’s network challenge

David TolubIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2008
Article no.:6
Topic:Video - today’s network challenge
Author:David Tolub
PDF size:196KB

Financing the broadband access revolution

Vince PizzicaIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2008
Article no.:7
Topic:Financing the broadband access revolution
Author:Vince Pizzica
Organisation:Alcatel-Lucent, Asia-Pacific
PDF size:197KB

Greenfield deployments

Aviel TenenbaumIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2008
Article no.:8
Topic:Greenfield deployments
Author:Aviel Tenenbaum
Title:President, Asia-Pacific and Corporate Vice-President
PDF size:243KB

Managed services and your core business

Eitan AchlowIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2008
Article no.:9
Topic:Managed services and your core business
Author:Eitan Achlow
Organisation:Comverse Asia-Pacific Division
PDF size:177KB

From concept to cash

Ash Khalek
Mohan Veloo
Issue:Asia-Pacific I 2008
Article no.:10
Topic:From concept to cash
Author:Ash Khalek and Mohan Veloo
Title:Vice President, Communications, Media and Utilities and Senior Industry Director, Communications, Media and Utilities Industry Business Unit
Organisation:Oracle Asia-Pacific
PDF size:221KB

Mobile social networking on a phone near you

Scott DriggersIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2008
Article no.:11
Topic:Mobile social networking on a phone near you
Author:Scott Driggers
Title:Co-Founder and CEO
Organisation:Gemini Mobile Technologies
PDF size:205KB

Countless connections, a single experience

Alfred MockettIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2008
Article no.:12
Topic:Countless connections, a single experience
Author:Alfred Mockett
Title:Chairman & CEO
Organisation:Motive, Inc
PDF size:204KB

The future of hosted unified communications

Brian BeutlerIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2008
Article no.:14
Topic:The future of hosted unified communications
Author:Brian Beutler
Title:Founder & CEO
Organisation:Alianza Global Communication Services
PDF size:223KB

Managing subscriber satisfaction

Tyler NelsonIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2008
Article no.:15
Topic:Managing subscriber satisfaction
Author:Tyler Nelson
Title:Vice President, Business Development & Marketing
Organisation:Bridgewater Systems Corporation
PDF size:200KB

Open source for telcos

Tom BerquistIssue:Asia-Pacific I 2008
Article no.:16
Topic:Open source for telcos
Author:Tom Berquist
Organisation:Ingres Corporation
PDF size:216KB
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