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Asia-Pacific II 2007 (13)

Asia-Pacific II 2007

Theme: Next generation strategies - a look at the new environment - Part II

The changes brought by today's information and communication technologies have unsettled the sectors involved and raised a series of profound questions that policy makers and regulators throughout the world are struggling to deal with. Business users are finding that buying technology and learning to use it is just the first step; to really take advantage of the new technologies and tackle the competition they often have to re-invent their processes, systems and products - even the corporate culture and the company itself.

Singapore in 2015

Dr Vivian BalakrishnanIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2007
Article no.:1
Topic:Singapore in 2015
Author:Dr Vivian Balakrishnan
Title:inister for Community, Youth and Sports, and Second Minister of Information, Communications and the Arts
PDF size:352KB

Personalization of technology

Professor Lye Kin MunIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2007
Article no.:2
Topic:Personalization of technology
Author:Professor Lye Kin Mun
Title:Deputy Executive Director, Industry, Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R)
Organisation:A*STAR Singapore
PDF size:372KB

eBusiness in Asia

David JonesIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2007
Article no.:3
Topic:eBusiness in Asia
Author:David Jones
Organisation:EU Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
PDF size:420KB

A new voice for tomorrow’s Asia

Phey Teck MohIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2007
Article no.:4
Topic:A new voice for tomorrow’s Asia
Author:Phey Teck Moh
Title:President, CEO and Director
Organisation:Pacific Internet
PDF size:304KB

Digital content - a future in contention

Lawrence Kenny
Nick Gurney
Issue:Asia-Pacific II 2007
Article no.:5
Topic:Digital content - a future in contention
Author:Lawrence Kenny and Nick Gurney
Title:(Lawrence Kenny) General Manager of the Global Telecommunications Industry and (Nick Gurney) Telecommunications Industry Leader
Organisation:IBM Global Business Services Asia-Pacific
PDF size:344KB

Keeping the first billion

Minesh PatelIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2007
Article no.:7
Topic:Keeping the first billion
Author:Minesh Patel
Title:Executive Vice President, Operations
Organisation:Axiom Systems
PDF size:296KB

A network revolution in Asia-Pacific

Steve RobinsonIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2007
Article no.:8
Topic:A network revolution in Asia-Pacific
Author:Steve Robinson
Title:VP of Sales (APAC)
Organisation:Meriton Networks
PDF size:256KB

Toward the unified wireless future

Norm LoIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2007
Article no.:10
Topic:Toward the unified wireless future
Author:Norm Lo
Title:Vice President, Asia-Pacific
Organisation:Research In Motion (RIM)
PDF size:272KB

Data centre strategies

Steven J. RussIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2007
Article no.:12
Topic:Data centre strategies
Author:Steven J. Russ
Title:VP of Global Marketing Programs
Organisation:Avocent Corp.
PDF size:256KB

Interoperability delivered

Shlomo Pri-TalIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2007
Article no.:13
Topic:Interoperability delivered
Author:Shlomo Pri-Tal
Title:President and Chairman of the Board of Directors
Organisation:Communications Platforms Trade Association (CP-TA)
PDF size:244KB

Seamless interoperability from headphone to network

Christian Tang-JespersenIssue:Asia-Pacific II 2007
Article no.:14
Topic:Seamless interoperability from headphone to network
Author:Christian Tang-Jespersen
Title:Senior Vice President, Asia-Pacific
Organisation:GN Netcom
PDF size:244KB
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