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Asia-Pacific 2004 (15)

Theme: Pervasive Connectivity As A Tool For Development

Connect-World series of magazines is the leading magazine in the telecom and ICT industry that brings together the leading industry players, regulators, associations and governments, to discuss how technological integration and digital inclusion helps reduce the gap the leading industry players, regulators, associations and governments, to discuss how technological integration and digital inclusion helps reduce the gap between the developed and developing world.

Korea’s IT Development Strategies

Dr Chin Daeje, PhDIssue:Asia-Pacific 2004
Article no.:1
Topic:Korea’s IT Development Strategies
Author:Dr Chin Daeje, PhD
Title:Minister of Information and Communication
Organisation:Republic of Korea
PDF size:188KB

New Zealand’s ICT Starts There!

The Hon. Jim AndertonIssue:Asia-Pacific 2004
Article no.:2
Topic:New Zealand’s ICT Starts There!
Author:The Hon. Jim Anderton
Title:Minister for Economic, Industry, and Regional Development
Organisation:New Zealand
PDF size:108KB

The Regulator and the Mobile Market

Themiya HurulleIssue:Asia-Pacific 2004
Article no.:3
Topic:The Regulator and the Mobile Market
Author:Themiya Hurulle
Organisation:Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, Sri Lanka*
PDF size:100KB

High-Speed Wireless Data – Getting Synchronised

Jan AbrahamssonIssue:Asia-Pacific 2004
Article no.:6
Topic:High-Speed Wireless Data – Getting Synchronised
Author:Jan Abrahamsson
Title:Regional Managing Principal, Asia-Pacific
PDF size:84KB

Life Goes Mobile

Urpo KarjalainenIssue:Asia-Pacific 2004
Article no.:8
Topic:Life Goes Mobile
Author:Urpo Karjalainen
Title:Senior Vice-President
Organisation:Nokia Customer & Market Operations, Asia-Pacific Area
PDF size:132KB

GSM: The Pervasive Connectivity Bridge

Alan HaddenIssue:Asia-Pacific 2004
Article no.:9
Topic:GSM: The Pervasive Connectivity Bridge
Author:Alan Hadden
Organisation:Global Mobile Suppliers Association, GSA
PDF size:324KB

Taming the Wild, Wireless Web

Gene WangIssue:Asia-Pacific 2004
Article no.:10
Topic:Taming the Wild, Wireless Web
Author:Gene Wang
Organisation:Bitfone Corporation
PDF size:84KB

Fraud-Free Prepaid Messaging

Boudewijn PeschIssue:Asia-Pacific 2004
Article no.:12
Topic:Fraud-Free Prepaid Messaging
Author:Boudewijn Pesch
Title:Vice-President, SE Asia & Greater China
PDF size:92KB

Securing your Information

Rakesh AggarwalIssue:Asia-Pacific 2004
Article no.:13
Topic:Securing your Information
Author:Rakesh Aggarwal
Organisation:Network Security Solutions, NSS
PDF size:83KB

Drinking from the “Rights Pool”

Nigel HarperIssue:Asia-Pacific 2004
Article no.:15
Topic:Drinking from the “Rights Pool”
Author:Nigel Harper
Title:Chief Technology Officer
Organisation:Yes Television
PDF size:180KB
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