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EMEA 2006 (18)

EMEA 2006

Theme: VoIP, Changing the voice/data model

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is shaping the way the world is developing. This is nothing new, of course. Historically, every major new technology has shaped, re-shaped and divided the world between those that control and use the technology and those that do not.

The digital divide could have been just one more example of this, but the rapid drop in the technology‚ cost, the rapid return on investment, as well as the concerted efforts of governments, institutions and international organisations, turn ICT into the cure for its own ills.

VoIP, the WiMAX killer app?

Mike PrattIssue:EMEA 2006
Article no.:3
Topic:VoIP, the WiMAX killer app?
Author:Mike Pratt
Title:President and CEO
Organisation:Aperto Networks
PDF size:440KB

The growing rush to VoIP

Rupert Galliers-PrattIssue:EMEA 2006
Article no.:4
Topic:The growing rush to VoIP
Author:Rupert Galliers-Pratt
Title:Founder and Executive Chairman
Organisation:Vistula Communications
PDF size:320KB

Quality calling - VoIP comes of age

Gad TobalyIssue:EMEA 2006
Article no.:5
Topic:Quality calling - VoIP comes of age
Author:Gad Tobaly
Title:CEO and Member of the Board of Directors
PDF size:296KB

Seamless communications

Peter NewcombeIssue:EMEA 2006
Article no.:6
Topic:Seamless communications
Author:Peter Newcombe
Title:President, Carrier Packet Networks
Organisation:Nortel, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
PDF size:260KB

IPTV - open issues

Helmut LeopoldIssue:EMEA 2006
Article no.:8
Topic:IPTV - open issues
Author:Helmut Leopold
Organisation:Broadband Services Forum
PDF size:252KB

Securing the brave new TV world

Jeremy ThorpIssue:EMEA 2006
Article no.:9
Topic:Securing the brave new TV world
Author:Jeremy Thorp
Organisation:Latens Systems
PDF size:312KB

The IPTV quality challenge

Peter CollingwoodIssue:EMEA 2006
Article no.:10
Topic:The IPTV quality challenge
Author:Peter Collingwood
Title:Regional Vice President, Europe, Middle East & Africa
Organisation:JDSU Communications Test division
PDF size:448KB

IP telephony - bring on the change

Vivek BadrinathIssue:EMEA 2006
Article no.:12
Topic:IP telephony - bring on the change
Author:Vivek Badrinath
Title:Executive Vice President, Products, Technology & Innovation
PDF size:292KB

Networks in the age of IP

Mauro RighettiIssue:EMEA 2006
Article no.:13
Topic:Networks in the age of IP
Author:Mauro Righetti
Title:CEO and board member
PDF size:276KB

ICT and hope in Kenya

Dr Kai Uwe WulffIssue:EMEA 2006
Article no.:14
Topic:ICT and hope in Kenya
Author:Dr Kai Uwe Wulff
Title:Managing Director
Organisation:Kenya Data Networks
PDF size:232KB

Diversity and growth in the Arab telecom markets

Jawad J. AbbassiIssue:EMEA 2006
Article no.:15
Topic:Diversity and growth in the Arab telecom markets
Author:Jawad J. Abbassi
Title:General Manager, Arab Advisors Group, a member of the Arab Jordan Investment Bank Group
Organisation:Arab Advisors Group/The Arab Jordan Investment Bank Group
PDF size:328KB

VoIP and market change

Tony Lavender
Mark Main
Issue:EMEA 2006
Article no.:18
Topic:VoIP and market change
Author:Tony Lavender and Mark Main
Title:Tony Lavender, Director of Telecoms Research, and Mark Main, Senior Analyst
PDF size:256KB
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