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EMEA 2009 (14)

EMEA 2009

Theme: The broadband connection - which one, to where?

Broadband is no longer the future of communications; it is the present. Even in developing regions, broadband is more than a goal, it is the standard to be achieved.  There are many flavours of broadband, both wired and wireless and each has its applications. In some regions, for some applications, fibre is an obvious choice, but in others it is impossible. Wireless, too, has regions and applications for which it is the obvious answer and others where it makes no sense. Some applications - mobile money, for example - will have a wide ranging impact upon commerce, the financial sector and the economy as a whole. Many other applications will change lives throughout the region. The EMEA region - geographically, economically and socially - is extremely varied and complex and so are the needs of its markets.

Broadband growth in Africa and Tanzania

John S NkomaIssue:EMEA 2009
Article no.:1
Topic:Broadband growth in Africa and Tanzania
Author:John S. Nkoma
Title:Director General
Organisation:Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA)
PDF size:316KB

Switching on Russia

Igor KelshevIssue:EMEA 2009
Article no.:3
Topic:Switching on Russia
Author:Igor Kelshev
Title:Senior Vice President and Head of International Operations
PDF size:440KB

Cloud computing - fad or e-business revolution?

Richard CurranIssue:EMEA 2009
Article no.:4
Topic:Cloud computing - fad or e-business revolution?
Author:Richard Curran
Title:Director Enterprise Server and Software Enabling Group
Organisation:INTEL, EMEA
PDF size:440KB

A new era of security

Anthony OMaraIssue:EMEA 2009
Article no.:7
Topic:A new era of security
Author:Anthony O’Mara
Organisation:EMEA, Trend Micro
PDF size:196KB

Unified communications - necessity vs. cost

Edward Ted HigaseIssue:EMEA 2009
Article no.:9
Topic:Unified communications - necessity vs. cost
Author:Edward T. Higase
Title:Managing Director EMEA
Organisation:Global Crossing
PDF size:196KB

Broadband: Where to next?

Karl TriebesIssue:EMEA 2009
Article no.:12
Topic:Broadband: Where to next?
Author:Karl Triebes
Title:Chief Technical Officer
Organisation:F5 Networks
PDF size:200KB
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