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EMEA 2008 (14)

EMEA 2008

Theme: Convergence and data – pushing the limits of the networkand

The growth of data transmission, driven by a host of bandwidth intensive applications and video content, as well as the tendency to funnel more through fewer, converged, networks are, together, largely fuelling the growth of both fixed and wireless broadband networks. Next generation mobile networks also generate many times the traffic - and generally need more base stations - than today’s 2G networks. Although the access networks can handle the traffic, the traffic backhauled to the core network calls for more, substantially upgraded, links to cope with the river of data generated by next generation networks.

Convergence - policy and regulation for Africa

Author's PictureIssue:EMEA 2008
Article no.:1
Topic:Convergence - policy and regulation for Africa
Author:Mrs Mary Uduma
Title:Director, Licensing
Organisation:Nigerian Communications Commission
PDF size:223KB

Networks - a way forward for Africa

Author's PictureIssue:EMEA 2008
Article no.:2
Topic:Networks - a way forward for Africa
Author:Yvon Le Roux
Title:Vice President, Africa Levant, Emerging Markets
Organisation:Cisco Systems
PDF size:330KB

NGN voice migration

Author's PictureIssue:EMEA 2008
Article no.:3
Topic:NGN voice migration
Author:Dr Ing. Ziaedin Chahabadi
PDF size:175KB

Reaching where others cannot reach

Author's PictureIssue:EMEA 2008
Article no.:5
Topic:Reaching where others cannot reach
Author:Peter Gbedemah
Organisation:Gateway Communications
PDF size:153KB

Satellites and development in Africa

Author's PictureIssue:EMEA 2008
Article no.:6
Topic:Satellites and development in Africa
Author:Mark Gazit
Title:President & CEO
Organisation:SkyVision Global Networks
PDF size:151KB

Fibre networks - buy or build?

Author's PictureIssue:EMEA 2008
Article no.:8
Topic:Fibre networks - buy or build?
Author:Matthew Finnie
Title:Chief Technology Officer
PDF size:208KB

Next generation network management

Author's PictureIssue:EMEA 2008
Article no.:9
Topic:Next generation network management
Author:Nedzad Residbegovic
Title:General Manager
Organisation:BH Telecom
PDF size:219KB

Mobile broadband traffic jam

Author's PictureIssue:EMEA 2008
Article no.:10
Topic:Mobile broadband traffic jam
Author:Lance Hiley
Title:rVP Market Strategy
Organisation:Cambridge Boadband Networks
PDF size:243KB

Convergence of threats

Author's PictureIssue:EMEA 2008
Article no.:11
Topic:Convergence of threats
Author:Jamie de Guerre
Title:Chief Technology Officer
PDF size:219KB

The great flat-rate debate

Author's Picture
Author's Picture
Issue:EMEA 2008
Article no.:12
Topic:The great flat-rate debate
Author:Louis Hall and Dominic Smith
Title:CEO , Marketing Director
Organisation:Cerillion Technologies
PDF size:222KB

Platform development

Author's Picture
Author's Picture
Issue:EMEA 2008
Article no.:13
Topic:Platform development
Author:Norbert Hauser and Wolfgang Huether
Title:Vice President Marketing EMEA, Business Development,
PDF size:190KB

Meeting the demand

Author's PictureIssue:EMEA 2008
Article no.:14
Topic:Meeting the demand
Author:Paolo Susnik
Organisation:Tiscali International Network
PDF size:185KB
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