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Europe I 2013 (15)

Europe I 2013

Theme: The Transformation of Service Delivery – is everything going to the web

The communications sector has changed irreversibly. The very nature of global connectivity has been transformed by the massive growth of mobile and social networking. Dominant players are losing ground to powerful new players under the impact of cloud services and smart devices. Innovative services are attracting users and generating new revenue streams. But how are these services being delivered and who benefits from the revenue generated? What scope remains available for Telecoms with its standard service delivery? Is closer cooperation required between Web service giants and Telecom to ensure a sustainable future?

WiGig: multigigabit wireless applications

Ali Sadri Issue:Europe I 2013
Article no.:8
Topic:WiGig: multigigabit wireless applications
Author:Ali Sadri
Title:President & Chairman
Organisation:WiGig Alliance
PDF size:298KB

The role of intelligent business operations

Mark RhodenIssue:Europe I 2013
Article no.:13
Topic:The role of intelligent business operations
Author:Mark Rhoden
Title:Senior VP for ‘business process excellence’ sales
Organisation:Software AG
PDF size:185KB

The intelligent pipe

Chris KoopmansIssue:Europe I 2013
Article no.:3
Topic:The intelligent pipe
Author:Chris Koopmans
Title:VP & General Manager of Service Provider Platforms
PDF size:286KB

The evolution of e-commerce

Jeff Orr Issue:Europe I 2013
Article no.:14
Topic:The evolution of e-commerce
Author:Jeff Orr
Organisation:Stack Data Solutions
PDF size:254KB

Rich communications suite is only the start

Jose M. Romero Issue:Europe I 2013
Article no.:2
Topic:Rich communications suite is only the start
Author:Jose M. Romero
Title:Director of Marketing & Technology
PDF size:262KB

Impact of M2M on society

Oozi CatsIssue:Europe I 2013
Article no.:11
Topic:Impact of M2M on society
Author:Oozi Cats
Organisation:Telit Communications
PDF size:262KB

Fibre access – standing on the shoulders of giants

Andy Lockhart Issue:Europe I 2013
Article no.:10
Topic:Fibre access – standing on the shoulders of giants
Author:Andy Lockhart
Title:Senior Vice President, International Sales and Marketing
PDF size:263KB
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