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Europe II 2009 (16)

Europe II 2009

Theme: ICT and the EU Innovation Agenda

The EU has actively promoted innovation of all types through a series of programmes and conferences. The EU has committed over €2 billion to its plans for “Inventing the Future” by promoting research and development in ICT, including its use in such leading edge fields as ICT-bio, photonics, robotics and cognition. The far-reaching EU development programmes promise to open new markets, new sectors, and bring new players. This issue of Connect-World Europe will track the progress and the promise of these important EU initiatives.

The EU innovation agenda and recovery package

Katie MillerIssue:Europe II 2009
Article no.:10
Topic:The EU innovation agenda and recovery package
Author:Katie Miller
Title:Director Government Relations
Organisation:EMEA, Nortel
PDF size:184KB

Spectrum-driven innovation - Europes Great Opportunity

Dániel PatakiIssue:Europe II 2009
Article no.:3
Topic:Spectrum-driven innovation - Europes Great Opportunity
Author:Dániel Pataki
Title:President of the Hungarian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
PDF size:176KB

Romania and the EU innovation agenda

Gabriel SanduIssue:Europe II 2009
Article no.:2
Topic:Romania and the EU innovation agenda
Author:Gabriel Sandu
Title:Minister of Communications and Information Society
PDF size:252KB

Promoting telecom competition in Albania

 Ilir ShehuIssue:Europe II 2009
Article no.:4
Topic:Promoting telecom competition in Albania
Author:Ilir Shehu
Title:Chairman of Board and Executive Director, AKEP, Electronic and Postal Communications Authority, Albania
Organisation:AKEP, Electronic and Postal Communications Authority, Albania
PDF size:160KB

Mobile service intelligence

Mark QuinlivanIssue:Europe II 2009
Article no.:11
Topic:Mobile service intelligence
Author:Mark Quinlivan
Organisation:Carrier IQ
PDF size:160KB

Mobile Internet opportunities abound

Sean MacNeillIssue:Europe II 2009
Article no.:12
Topic:Mobile Internet opportunities abound
Author:Sean MacNeill
Title:Vice President & General Manager
Organisation:Global Services and Support, Openwave
PDF size:160KB

Internet privacy?

Andrei KorobeinikIssue:Europe II 2009
Article no.:16
Topic:Internet privacy?
Author:Andrei Korobeinik
Organisation:Serenda Investments OU
PDF size:188KB

Innovating to reach the consumer

Dana Dunne Issue:Europe II 2009
Article no.:7
Topic:Innovating to reach the consumer
Author:Dana Dunne
Title:CEO, AOL Europe
Organisation:AOL Europe
PDF size:200KB

Innovating at the speed of life

Larry StoneIssue:Europe II 2009
Article no.:8
Topic:Innovating at the speed of life
Author:Larry Stone
Title:BT President
Organisation:Group Public and Government Affairs
PDF size:300KB

Dividing the ‘digital dividend

N.AlexandridisIssue:Europe II 2009
Article no.:5
Topic:Dividing the ‘digital dividend
Author:Professor N. Alexandridis
Title:President, Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission (EETT)
Organisation:Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission
PDF size:184KB

Digital Britain

Lord Stephen CarterIssue:Europe II 2009
Article no.:1
Topic:Digital Britain
Author:Lord Stephen Carter
Title:Minister for Communications, Technology and Broadcasting
Organisation:Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR)
PDF size:252KB

Complexity and innovation in the connected era

Stephen MurdochIssue:Europe II 2009
Article no.:9
Topic:Complexity and innovation in the connected era
Author:Stephen Murdoch
Title:Vice President & General Manager
Organisation:Dell’s Large Enterprise Business Unit for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA
PDF size:240KB

Closing the digital gap in Europe

Aarti Holla-MainiIssue:Europe II 2009
Article no.:6
Topic:Closing the digital gap in Europe
Author:Aarti Holla-Maini
Title:Secretary General, European Satellite Operators’ Association (ESOA)
Organisation:European Satellite Operators’ Association (ESOA)
PDF size:508KB

Change today for tomorrow’s demands

Ben McCahillIssue:Europe II 2009
Article no.:14
Topic:Change today for tomorrow’s demands
Author:Ben McCahill
Title:Director of Mobile Strategy
PDF size:256KB
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