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Europe II 2008 (15)

Europe II 2008

Theme: The evolving ‘Net - Rising to the challenge of rising useThe evolving ‘Net - Rising to the challenge of rising use

The growth of the net, often in unexpected ways, is challenging capacity, search resources, regulations, security, equipment manufacturers, marketers, e-businesses – indeed, the entire Internet ecosystem. Where do we go?

WiFi roaming

Igor ZabolotniyIssue:Europe II 2008
Article no.:15
Topic:WiFi roaming
Author:Igor Zabolotniy
Title:Acting General Director
Organisation:MTT - Multiregional Transit Telecom, Russia
PDF size:308KB

The Wireless broadband revolution

Peter ZiegelwangerIssue:Europe II 2008
Article no.:13
Topic:The Wireless broadband revolution
Author:Peter Ziegelwanger
Title:Managing Director; CTO
Organisation:WiMAX Telecom GmbH, Austria; WiMAX Telecom AG, Switzerland
PDF size:216KB

The challenge of NGNs

Mathias KurthIssue:Europe II 2008
Article no.:3
Topic:The challenge of NGNs
Author:Mathias Kurth
Organisation:Federal Network Agency, for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway, Germany
PDF size:328KB

Screen companies

János WinklerIssue:Europe II 2008
Article no.:12
Topic:Screen companies
Author:János Winkler
Title:Chief Operating Officer; Head, Customer Business Unit
Organisation:Magyar Telekom Ltd
PDF size:400KB

Next step for the e-state: e-state 2.0?

Juhan PartsIssue:Europe II 2008
Article no.:1
Topic:Next step for the e-state: e-state 2.0?
Author:Juhan Parts
Title:Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications
PDF size:304KB

Network evolution - rising expectation

Fotis KaronisIssue:Europe II 2008
Article no.:10
Topic:Network evolution - rising expectation
Author:Fotis Karonis
Title:Chief Information Officer
Organisation:Romtelecom, Romania
PDF size:264KB

Mobile email in emerging markets

Carsten BrinkschulteIssue:Europe II 2008
Article no.:14
Topic:Mobile email in emerging markets
Author:Carsten Brinkschulte
PDF size:300KB

Mobile broadband - the future of broadband?

Victor DonselaarIssue:Europe II 2008
Article no.:11
Topic:Mobile broadband - the future of broadband?
Author:Victor Donselaar
Organisation:Movial Applications Inc
PDF size:268KB

Hosted VoIP services in Europe

Konstantin NikashovIssue:Europe II 2008
Article no.:7
Topic:Hosted VoIP services in Europe
Author:Konstantin Nikashov
Title:VP, External Economic Activities
Organisation:MERA Systems & Member, Executive Board, MERA Group
PDF size:420KB

Growing the Net in the Balkans

Dino AndreouIssue:Europe II 2008
Article no.:9
Topic:Growing the Net in the Balkans
Author:Dino Andreou
Organisation:OTEGlobe, Greece
PDF size:332KB

Growing the Internet in Bulgaria

Dr. Plamen VatchkovIssue:Europe II 2008
Article no.:2
Topic:Growing the Internet in Bulgaria
Author:Dr. Plamen Vatchkov
Organisation:State Agency for Information Technologies and Communications, Bulgaria
PDF size:340KB

Business innovation and ICT in the Baltic region

Prof. Edvins KarnitisIssue:Europe II 2008
Article no.:4
Topic:Business innovation and ICT in the Baltic region
Author:Prof. Edvins Karnitis
Title:Expert Forum; Commissioner
Organisation:National Development Plan; Public Utilities Commission, Latvia
PDF size:312KB

Broadband - the worsening digital divide

James BlessingIssue:Europe II 2008
Article no.:6
Topic:Broadband - the worsening digital divide
Author:James Blessing
Title:Chief Operations Officer
Organisation:Entanet International Ltd
PDF size:280KB
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