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Europe II 2007 (16)

Europe II 2007

Theme: The network business - strategies for tomorrow

When speaking of networks, conventional wisdom and traditional business models no longer work as they did. The lines are blurring in the fixed, mobile markets and even broadcasting markets. Wired networks now handle traffic once thought suitable only for wireless and wireless is substituting wired in a broad range of applications. Seamless handoffs between wired and wireless networks - indeed mergers, partnerships and consolidations bringing together networks and players of all sorts - further confuse the once prettily organised networking landscape.

Triple play first, what next?

Michael EngströmIssue:Europe II 2007
Article no.:13
Topic:Triple play first, what next?
Author:Michael Engström
Title:VP Global Business Development
Organisation:PacketFront Sweden AB
PDF size:232KB

The network business - strategies for tomorrow

Konstantin NikashovIssue:Europe II 2007
Article no.:16
Topic:The network business - strategies for tomorrow
Author:Konstantin Nikashov
Title:VP, External Economic Activities, MERA Systems and member of the Executive Board
Organisation:MERA Group
PDF size:268KB

The ISPís changing universe

Barry ShrierIssue:Europe II 2007
Article no.:11
Topic:The ISPís changing universe
Author:Barry Shrier
Title:Founder and Chief Executive
Organisation:Liberty Europe Network
PDF size:320KB

The IPTV edge

Reto BraderIssue:Europe II 2007
Article no.:14
Topic:The IPTV edge
Author:Reto Brader
Title:General Manager
Organisation:Pixelmetrix Corporation
PDF size:680KB

SIP network strategies

Olle WesterbergIssue:Europe II 2007
Article no.:12
Topic:SIP network strategies
Author:Olle Westerberg
Organisation:Ingate Systems
PDF size:288KB

Re-thinking regulation in the age of convergence

Corrado CalabròIssue:Europe II 2007
Article no.:3
Topic:Re-thinking regulation in the age of convergence
Author:Corrado Calabrò
Organisation:AGCOM - the Communications Regulatory Authority, Italy
PDF size:244KB

Keep on moving: the evolution of 3G

Mikael BäckIssue:Europe II 2007
Article no.:9
Topic:Keep on moving: the evolution of 3G
Author:Mikael Bäck
Title:Vice President, Product and Portfolio Management, Business Unit Networks
Organisation:Ericsson AB
PDF size:464KB

ICT - the shaping of Bulgariaís future

Dr Plamen VatchovIssue:Europe II 2007
Article no.:1
Topic:ICT - the shaping of Bulgariaís future
Author:Dr Plamen Vatchov
Title:Chairman, State Agency for Information Technology and Communications
Organisation:Republic of Bulgaria
PDF size:276KB

Digital technology - changing the world of media

Jacques DunoguéIssue:Europe II 2007
Article no.:5
Topic:Digital technology - changing the world of media
Author:Jacques Dunogué
Title:Senior Executive Vice President, and Head of Systems Division
PDF size:240KB

Competing for our future

Andy GreenIssue:Europe II 2007
Article no.:4
Topic:Competing for our future
Author:Andy Green
Organisation:BT Global Services
PDF size:224KB

Blurring the lines

Roy BedlowIssue:Europe II 2007
Article no.:8
Topic:Blurring the lines
Author:Roy Bedlow
Title:Vice President
Organisation:Palm EMEA
PDF size:3248KB

A matter of inclusion

Paolo GentiloniIssue:Europe II 2007
Article no.:2
Topic:A matter of inclusion
Author:Paolo Gentiloni
Title:Minister for Communications
PDF size:228KB
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