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Europe 2004 (16)

Theme: Pervasive Connectivity as a Tool for Development (Europe)

Connect-World series of magazines is the leading magazine in the telecom and ICT industry that brings together the leading industry players, regulators, associations and governments, to discuss how technological integration and digital inclusion helps reduce the gap the leading industry players, regulators, associations and governments, to discuss how technological integration and digital inclusion helps reduce the gap between the developed and developing world.

The DSL Lead in Broadband

Tom StarrIssue:Europe 2004
Article no.:8
Topic:The DSL Lead in Broadband
Author:Tom Starr
Title:President & Chairperson
Organisation:DSL Forum Board of Directors
PDF size:64KB

Regulation of Mobile Content Services

Andrew BudIssue:Europe 2004
Article no.:9
Topic:Regulation of Mobile Content Services
Author:Andrew Bud
Title:Executive Chairman; Vice Chairman
Organisation:mBlox Inc.; and Mobile Entertainment Forum
PDF size:72KB

Mobile Interactive Content

Todd TranIssue:Europe 2004
Article no.:14
Topic:Mobile Interactive Content
Author:Todd Tran
Title:Joint Managing Director
Organisation:Flytxt Media & Entertainment
PDF size:96KB

Is the DNA of broadcasting changing?

Craig DwyerIssue:Europe 2004
Article no.:11
Topic:Is the DNA of broadcasting changing?
Author:Craig Dwyer
Title:Chief Marketing Officer
Organisation:BBC Technology
PDF size:68KB

Internet: Machine Translation

Robert LevinIssue:Europe 2004
Article no.:16
Topic:Internet: Machine Translation
Author:Robert Levin
Title:Not available
PDF size:108KB

Incorporating parallel lines of communication

Andy MattesIssue:Europe 2004
Article no.:6
Topic:Incorporating parallel lines of communication
Author:Andy Mattes
Title:Member; President and Chief Executive Officer
Organisation:Group Executive Management, ICN; Siemens Information and Communication Networks, Inc.
PDF size:104KB

E-commerce, Competition and the Consumer

Stephen TimmsIssue:Europe 2004
Article no.:1
Topic:E-commerce, Competition and the Consumer
Author:Stephen Timms
Title:Minister of State
Organisation:For Energy, e-Commerce and Postal Services, United Kingdom
PDF size:72KB

Corporate Payment Systems: On-Line Savings

Jorn LambertIssue:Europe 2004
Article no.:15
Topic:Corporate Payment Systems: On-Line Savings
Author:Jorn Lambert
Title:Vice President
Organisation:Corporate Payment Solutions
PDF size:48KB

Convergence - connecting people with people

Malcolm CollinsIssue:Europe 2004
Article no.:3
Topic:Convergence - connecting people with people
Author:Malcolm Collins
Title:President Enterprise Networks
Organisation:Nortel Networks
PDF size:96KB

Connectivity and European Development

Gianfranco TomainoIssue:Europe 2004
Article no.:4
Topic:Connectivity and European Development
Author:Gianfranco Tomaino
Title:Managing Director
Organisation:Telefonica Procesos y Tecnologia de la Informacion
PDF size:108KB

Connectivity and Education in Europe

Professor David P. Mellor OBEIssue:Europe 2004
Article no.:12
Topic:Connectivity and Education in Europe
Author:Professor David P. Mellor OBE
Organisation:Cable & Wireless Virtual Academy
PDF size:84KB
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