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Global-ICT 2006 (23)

Connect-World Global-ICT 2006

Theme: Digital lifelines - building the digital world

Connect-World, from its beginning, has dedicated itself to discussing the impact of ICT upon people, regions and societies throughout the world Global Visionaries, Global Visions 2006 edition will commemorate the ITU Telecom World 2006 event, which will take place in Hong Kong from 4th to 8th December. The theme for Telecom World 2006 is Living the digital world. The event will explore how Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is changing our lives and how the interaction between equipment, services and applications providers is changing how society is structured and how it works.

Digital lifelines - building the digital world

Reza JafariIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:1
Topic:Digital lifelines - building the digital world
Author:Reza Jafari
Title:Managing Director of International for NeuStar, Chairman of ITU TELECOM World 2006 Forum
Organisation:NeuStar/ITU TELECOM World 2006 Forum
PDF size:208KB

The wireless world: the globalisation of telecom

Viviane RedingIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:2
Topic:The wireless world: the globalisation of telecom
Author:Viviane Reding
Title:European Commissioner for Information Society and Media
Organisation:European Commission
PDF size:372KB

Regulation for a networked Hong Kong

M. H. AuIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:3
Topic:Regulation for a networked Hong Kong
Author:M. H. Au
Title:Director-General of Telecommunications of the Government
Organisation:Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
PDF size:396KB

Our evolving digital world

Vinton G. CerfIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:4
Topic:Our evolving digital world
Author:Vinton G. Cerf
Title:Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist
PDF size:244KB

Connecting the Unconnected

Fredric J. MorrisIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:5
Topic:Connecting the Unconnected
Author:Fredric J. Morris
PDF size:180KB

Mobile - driving economic growth today

Craig EhrlichIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:6
Topic:Mobile - driving economic growth today
Author:Craig Ehrlich
Organisation:GSM Association (GSMA)
PDF size:296KB

Connect the developing world

Olivier BaujardIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:9
Topic:Connect the developing world
Author:Olivier Baujard
Title:Chief Technology Officer
PDF size:288KB

The world as a hot spot

Edward J. ZanderIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:10
Topic:The world as a hot spot
Author:Edward J. Zander
Title:Chairman and CEO
Organisation:Motorola, Inc
PDF size:308KB

Changing the face of the Middle East ICT

Jamal AbdulsalamIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:11
Topic:Changing the face of the Middle East ICT
Author:Jamal Abdulsalam
Title:Executive Director
Organisation:Dubai Internet City
PDF size:308KB

Technology for digital inclusion

Vinay L. DeshpandeIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:12
Topic:Technology for digital inclusion
Author:Vinay L. Deshpande
Title:Chairman & CEO
Organisation:Encore Software Ltd.
PDF size:296KB

It’s prime-time for mobile TV

Jeremy PinkIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:14
Topic:It’s prime-time for mobile TV
Author:Jeremy Pink
Title:President and Managing Director
Organisation:CNBC Asia-Pacific
PDF size:312KB

A new world

Stéphane KlajzyngierIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:18
Topic:A new world
Author:Stéphane Klajzyngier
Organisation:Radio Frequency Systems (RFS)
PDF size:392KB

One size does not fit all

Theresa GattungIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:19
Topic:One size does not fit all
Author:Theresa Gattung
Organisation:Telecom NZ Ltd
PDF size:320KB

The dice we roll

Eva ChenIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:20
Topic:The dice we roll
Author:Eva Chen
Title:CEO and Co-founder
Organisation:Trend Micro
PDF size:336KB

Redefining service and customer experience

Jim MarshIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:21
Topic:Redefining service and customer experience
Author:Jim Marsh
Title:CEO of Cable & Wireless Europe, Asia and US
Organisation:Cable & Wireless
PDF size:356KB

Revenue assurance for new generation services

Alon AginskyIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:22
Topic:Revenue assurance for new generation services
Author:Alon Aginsky
Title:President, CEO & Co-Founder
Organisation:cVidya Networks
PDF size:324KB

Unity under IP

Mike VolpiIssue:Global-ICT 2006
Article no.:23
Topic:Unity under IP
Author:Mike Volpi
Title:Senior Vice President & General Manager, Routing and Service Provider Technology Group
Organisation:Cisco Systems
PDF size:336KB
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