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India 2012 (11)

India 2012

Theme: Mobile Virtual Network Operators – maintaining a successful model

The MVNO concept is now well accepted in many parts of the world, but commercial progress develops at variable speed and intensity. What are the secrets of success in different regions and in different business areas? Is regional regulation the reason or local aspects of culture and business influence MVNOs’ style and service adoption? In Europe, MVNOs are gaining independence of their hosting MNOs by running their own service platforms. They may use several MNOs to get best-service or best-package for their subscribers, often addressing particular niche markets. MVNOs create a wide range of business models – but these models must be enduring and must provide positive profit margins.

How Do MVNO's Differentiate Themselves

Guru Grewal Issue: India 2012
Article no.: 4
Topic: How Do MVNO's Differentiate Themselves
Author: Guru Grewal
Title: VP Tech
Organisation: Tech Mahindra
PDF size: 258KB

MVNO Success path

Mohan Kumar Issue: India 2012
Article no.: 5
Topic: MVNO Success path
Author: Mohan Kumar
Title: Founder & CEO
Organisation: Plintron
PDF size: 332KB

MVNO – Find your niche and make it count!

Vikas Bansal Issue: India 2012
Article no.: 8
Topic: MVNO – Find your niche and make it count!
Author: Vikas Bansal
Title: Director, Carrier Sales - South Asia and Middle East
Organisation: Cable&Wireless Worldwide
PDF size: 291KB
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