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India 2008 (16)

India 2008

Theme: Seamless networks and seamless business in a seamless world

Technologically, if not politically, the world is becoming increasingly interconnected, interdependent and interoperable. Few if any big companies are ‘national’ in the old sense; they no longer exist, work buy supplies and services and sell within the boundaries of a single nation. Supply chains and processes of all sorts reach into other nations and at times circle the globe crossing and interacting with one another, first in one nation than another, in subtle and complex ways.

Tariff trends in Indian Telecom

Author's PictureIssue:India 2008
Article no.:1
Topic:Tariff trends in Indian Telecom
Author:Nripendra Misra
Organisation:Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
PDF size:448KB


ICT and the Indian SME

Author's PictureIssue:India 2008
Article no.:3
Topic:ICT and the Indian SME
Author:Bikky Khosla
Organisation:Infocom Network Ltd
PDF size:222KB


The Mobile Micro Finance Eco System

Author's PictureIssue:India 2008
Article no.:4
Topic:The Mobile Micro Finance Eco System
Author:Kaustuv Ghosh
Organisation:mCommerce, Sybase 365
PDF size:202KB


Mitigating Risks in a Connected World

Author's PictureIssue:India 2008
Article no.:5
Topic:Mitigating Risks in a Connected World
Author:Nipun Mehrotra
Title:Vice President & General Manager, Global Technology Services
Organisation:IBM India/SA
PDF size:224KB


Defining Web 2.0

Author's PictureIssue:India 2008
Article no.:6
Topic:Defining Web 2.0
Author:Dr Ajay Kumar Data
Organisation:Data InfoSys Ltd
PDF size:327KB


Networks - sustaining the global economy

Author's PictureIssue:India 2008
Article no.:7
Topic:Networks - sustaining the global economy
Author:Neeraj Gulati
Title:Vice President and Managing Director
Organisation:Ciena India
PDF size:229KB


Wireless broadband for community service

Author's PictureIssue:India 2008
Article no.:8
Topic:Wireless broadband for community service
Author:Venkat Kedlaya
Title:Managing Director
Organisation:Convergent Communications India Pvt. Ltd
PDF size:227KB


The ‘Raj’ of technology

Author's PictureIssue:India 2008
Article no.:9
Topic:The ‘Raj’ of technology
Author:Rajesh Tuli
Organisation:Coral Telecom Limited
PDF size:298KB


Bridging the divide from above

Author's PictureIssue:India 2008
Article no.:11
Topic:Bridging the divide from above
Author:Bahram Pourmand
Title:Executive Vice President and General Manager
Organisation:International Division, Hughes Network Systems, LLC
PDF size:229KB


Seamless networks for seamless businesses

Author's PictureIssue:India 2008
Article no.:12
Topic:Seamless networks for seamless businesses
Author:Vinayak Deshpande
Organisation:Enterprise & High Network Individual (EHNI) Business Unit, Tata Teleservices
PDF size:261KB


Broadband without borders

Author's PictureIssue:India 2008
Article no.:13
Topic:Broadband without borders
Author:Rajaram Balajee
Title:Head of Business lines
Organisation:Midas Communication Technologies Pvt Ltd
PDF size:215KB


Mobile voice in India

Author's PictureIssue:India 2008
Article no.:14
Topic:Mobile voice in India
Author:Bruce Markham
Organisation:Telesoft Technologies Ltd
PDF size:288KB


Bridging the wireless divide in rural India

Author's PictureIssue:India 2008
Article no.:16
Topic:Bridging the wireless divide in rural India
Author:John Winn
Title:Executive Vice President
Organisation:Business Development, Vanu, Inc
PDF size:337KB


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