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Latin America 2012 (16)

Latin America 2012

Theme: Regulation and Standardisation - the Power to do Good

Regulations have been blamed for interfering with Telecom natural growth at times. Standardisation has been considered to be too complicated at times. Libertarians talk of the unfettered Internet creativity that should not be constraint by rules at any time. However, regulators make it possible to bring together parties to collaborate on services for the unprivileged masses and open standards foster the all-important service compatibility that makes communication ubiquitous and allow any vendor to participate. In communications, as in modern society, law and freedom must be balanced.

Internet Access – A Right or a Privilege?

Erick ContagIssue:Latin America 2012
Article no.:3
Topic:Internet Access – A Right or a Privilege?
Author:Erick Contag
Title:Chief Operating Officer
PDF size:204KB

4G Spectrum challenges in Latin America

Cintia GarzaIssue:Latin America 2012
Article no.:5
Topic:4G Spectrum challenges in Latin America
Author:Cintia Garza
Title:Market Analyst
Organisation:Maravedis – Rethink
PDF size:250KB

Making the business case for optical fibre

Johnny Hill Issue:Latin America 2012
Article no.:11
Topic:Making the business case for optical fibre
Author:Johnny Hill
Title:Chief Operating Officer
Organisation:Clearfield, Inc
PDF size:258KB

Saying goodbye to ‘out of the office’

Rodolpho CardenutoIssue:Latin America 2012
Article no.:14
Topic:Saying goodbye to ‘out of the office’
Author:Rodolpho Cardenuto
Organisation:SAP Latin America and the Caribbean
PDF size:271KB

Putting big data to work in telecoms

Juhani HintikkaIssue:Latin America 2012
Article no.:16
Topic:Putting big data to work in telecoms
Author:Juhani Hintikka
Title:CEO and President
PDF size:290KB
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