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Latin America 2009 (15)

Latin America 2009

Theme: ICT trends for business

ICTs change businesses, they change the way they operate, the services they offer and the way they are offered. ICTs make new businesses viable and destroy others and change the business models of a great many. The rapid growth of ICT adoption and usage in Latin America by businesses, consumers and the public sector, not to mention the growth of a wide range of solutions and eCommerce/eMarketing  opportunities is evident. What will this growth bring? What are the trends? How will ICTs change the way Latin America will live work and grow in the next few years?

A wireless world

Chris PearsonIssue:Latin America 2009
Article no.:2
Topic:A wireless world
Author:Chris Pearson
Organisation:3G Americas
PDF size:516KB

In the name of the future

Rodolpho CardenutoIssue:Latin America 2009
Article no.:3
Topic:In the name of the future
Author:Rodolpho Cardenuto
Organisation:SAP Latin America
PDF size:180KB

Preparing for the upturn

Jaime VallesIssue:Latin America 2009
Article no.:4
Topic:Preparing for the upturn
Author:Jaime Vallés
Title:Vice President
Organisation:Cisco Latin America & Caribbean
PDF size:300KB

Staying competitive in today’s economy

Mary LivingstonIssue:Latin America 2009
Article no.:6
Topic:Staying competitive in today’s economy
Author:Mary E. Livingston
Title:Vice President, Canada, Caribbean and Latin America
PDF size:308KB

Rural telephony and $2 ARPUs

Rajiv MehrotraIssue:Latin America 2009
Article no.:7
Topic:Rural telephony and $2 ARPUs
Author:Rajiv Mehrotra
Title:Founder, Chairman and CEO
PDF size:204KB

Money talks - cross-border mobile payments

Stephen GibbIssue:Latin America 2009
Article no.:8
Topic:Money talks - cross-border mobile payments
Author:Stephen Gibb
Title:Chief Information Officer
PDF size:200KB

Mobilising services

Celio Fernando BozolaIssue:Latin America 2009
Article no.:10
Topic:Mobilising services
Author:Célio Bozola
Title:Vice President
Organisation:EDS, an HP company in Brazil
PDF size:268KB

Find hidden power in networks

Yves HupeIssue:Latin America 2009
Article no.:11
Topic:Find hidden power in networks
Author:Yves Hupé
Organisation:Memotec Inc.
PDF size:196KB

Profitability despite disparity

Greg LeNeveuIssue:Latin America 2009
Article no.:12
Topic:Profitability despite disparity
Author:Greg Le Neveu
Title:President, Americas
Organisation:Subex Ltd
PDF size:248KB

Blending television and the Net

Mauro BonomiIssue:Latin America 2009
Article no.:13
Topic:Blending television and the Net
Author:Mauro Bonomi
Organisation:Minerva Network
PDF size:180KB

Satellites - a global platform for seamless rapid fibre deployment

Lang Jaxon Sergio RuizIssue:Latin America 2009
Article no.:14
Topic:Satellites - a global platform for seamless rapid fibre deployment
Author:Jaxon Lang & Sergio Ruiz
Title:Jaxon Lang is VP of Global Connectivity & Sergio Ruiz is Market Manager for the Latin America Carrier Market
PDF size:332KB

Enhancing the contact centre experience

Diego GomezIssue:Latin America 2009
Article no.:15
Topic:Enhancing the contact centre experience
Author:Diego Gomez
Title:Vice President CALA
Organisation:Verint Witness Actionable Solutions
PDF size:268KB
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