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Latin America 2007 (20)

Latin America 2007

Theme: Innovation and trends

Innovation in the information and communication technology, ICT, sector drives a significant portion of the world's economic growth. As in all sectors, novelty and fashion certainly pushes the market, nevertheless, the ICT driven economic boost is predominantly a reflection of the fundamental contributions these technologies bring to the economy.

E-commerce: gateway to business solutions

the Hon. Manniram PrashadIssue:Latin America 2007
Article no.:1
Topic:E-commerce: gateway to business solutions
Author:the Hon. Manniram Prashad
Title:Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce
PDF size:264KB

Telecommunications in Ecuador

Roque Hernández LunaIssue:Latin America 2007
Article no.:2
Topic:Telecommunications in Ecuador
Author:Roque Hernández Luna
Title:National Secretary of Telecommunications
Organisation:Republic of Ecuador
PDF size:204KB

ICTs - a magnet to improve society

Arq. Carlos Lisandro SalasIssue:Latin America 2007
Article no.:3
Topic:ICTs - a magnet to improve society
Author:Arq. Carlos Lisandro Salas
Title:Secretary of Communications, Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services
PDF size:276KB

The digital networked economy

Luis AlvarezIssue:Latin America 2007
Article no.:6
Topic:The digital networked economy
Author:Luis Alvarez
Title:President BT EMEA and responsible for BTís Global Telecommunications Market
PDF size:248KB

Mobile broadband data applications

Celedonio von WuthenauIssue:Latin America 2007
Article no.:8
Topic:Mobile broadband data applications
Author:Celedonio von Wuthenau
Title:Regional Director for Latin America of the CDMA Development Group
PDF size:224KB

Convergence, service and standards

Keith WillettsIssue:Latin America 2007
Article no.:9
Topic:Convergence, service and standards
Author:Keith Willetts
Title:co-founder and Chairman
Organisation:TeleManagement Forum
PDF size:248KB

The digital divide in Latin America

Dr Jayhun MollazadeIssue:Latin America 2007
Article no.:10
Topic:The digital divide in Latin America
Author:Dr Jayhun Mollazade
Organisation:QTEL Global Networks Ltd
PDF size:252KB

Mobiles and ICT in Latin America

Bohdan ZabawskyjIssue:Latin America 2007
Article no.:12
Topic:Mobiles and ICT in Latin America
Author:Bohdan Zabawskyj
Title:Chief Technology Officer
PDF size:268KB

Telecom in Panama

José R. QuinteroIssue:Latin America 2007
Article no.:13
Topic:Telecom in Panama
Author:José R. Quintero
Title:Technology Executive Director
Organisation:Cable & Wireless Panama, CWP
PDF size:224KB

Advanced voice services

Michael TesslerIssue:Latin America 2007
Article no.:14
Topic:Advanced voice services
Author:Michael Tessler
Title:co-founder President & CEO
PDF size:224KB

Fuelling wireless growth in Latin America

Jörg SpringerIssue:Latin America 2007
Article no.:15
Topic:Fuelling wireless growth in Latin America
Author:Jörg Springer
Title:Vice President Global Marketing & Communications
Organisation:Radio Frequency Systems, RFS
PDF size:224KB

Innovation for growth

Adenor Martins de Araujo JuniorIssue:Latin America 2007
Article no.:16
Topic:Innovation for growth
Author:Adenor Martins de Araujo Junior
Title:Vice President
Organisation:AGM Telecom
PDF size:224KB

Next-generation home services

Andrew MortonIssue:Latin America 2007
Article no.:17
Topic:Next-generation home services
Author:Andrew Morton
Title:VP, The Americas
Organisation:Comtrend Corporation
PDF size:224KB

Digital marketing gets personal

Roni GrosfeldIssue:Latin America 2007
Article no.:18
Topic:Digital marketing gets personal
Author:Roni Grosfeld
Title:Director Latin America
PDF size:224KB

The changing Internet

Ken SilvaIssue:Latin America 2007
Article no.:19
Topic:The changing Internet
Author:Ken Silva
Title:Chief Security Officer and Vice President for Networking and Information Security
PDF size:284KB

Convergent charging - unlocking value

Jarmo NiemiIssue:Latin America 2007
Article no.:20
Topic:Convergent charging - unlocking value
Author:Jarmo Niemi
Title:President and CEO
PDF size:188KB
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