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Latin America 2006 (18)

Latin America 2006

Theme: Everything over IP

The theme of this issue of Connect-World Latin America is EoIP – Everything over IP. The shift to IP for everything will be dramatic, it will change the telecommunications and broadcasting industry, certainly, but it will change the lives of the people and businesses that will come to depend upon a wide range of IP delivered services even more. This issue will take a deep look at just what these changes will be, what to expect and how to prepare.

The IP difference: regulating for Colombia’s future

Carlos Alberto Herrera BarrosIssue:Latin America 2006
Article no.:1
Topic:The IP difference: regulating for Colombia’s future
Author:Carlos Alberto Herrera Barros
Title:Executive Director and Commissioner
Organisation:Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Colombia
PDF size:192KB

Everything over IP in the developing world

Jaime Chico PardoIssue:Latin America 2006
Article no.:2
Topic:Everything over IP in the developing world
Author:Jaime Chico Pardo
Title:Vice Chairman and CEO
Organisation:Telmex, Teléfonos de México, S.A. de C.V.
PDF size:296KB

e-Brasil - accelerating socioeconomic development in Brazil

Peter T. Knight
Roberto Aroso
Issue:Latin America 2006
Article no.:3
Topic:e-Brasil - accelerating socioeconomic development in Brazil
Author:Peter T. Knight and Roberto Aroso
Title:Peter T. Knight, Coordinator, e-Brasil Project, and Roberto Aroso, President
Organisation:TELECOM - Associação Brasileira de Telecomunicações
PDF size:268KB

EoIP and industrial policy in Brazil

Hélio Marcos Machado GraciosoIssue:Latin America 2006
Article no.:4
Topic:EoIP and industrial policy in Brazil
Author:Hélio Marcos Machado Gracioso
Title:President, CPqD, and President, CPqD Technologies & Systems Inc., USA
Organisation:CPqD/CPqD Technologies & Systems Inc., USA
PDF size:184KB

IP - driving productivity in Latin America

Ruben A. RótuloIssue:Latin America 2006
Article no.:5
Topic:IP - driving productivity in Latin America
Author:Ruben A. Rótulo
Title:Vice President, Latin American Region
Organisation:Agilent Technologies, Inc.
PDF size:284KB

WiMAX - broadband wireless alternative

Oscar Vaz ClarkeIssue:Latin America 2006
Article no.:6
Topic:WiMAX - broadband wireless alternative
Author:Oscar Vaz Clarke
Title:President and General Manger
Organisation:Intel do Brasil
PDF size:220KB

IP for quad-play

G. Bickley RemmeyIssue:Latin America 2006
Article no.:7
Topic:IP for quad-play
Author:G. Bickley Remmey
Title:Corporate Vice President and General Manager
Organisation:Motorola, Inc, Connected Home Solutions business
PDF size:260KB

Mobile broadband arrives

Fernando TerniIssue:Latin America 2006
Article no.:8
Topic:Mobile broadband arrives
Author:Fernando Terni
Title:Executive President, Nokia Brasil and Vice President
Organisation:Nokia Networks, Latin America
PDF size:284KB

IP re-inventing communications

Ping-an (Alex) ZhangIssue:Latin America 2006
Article no.:9
Topic:IP re-inventing communications
Author:Ping-an (Alex) Zhang
Organisation:Huawei Technologies, Brazil
PDF size:180KB

Migrating to IP

Eran ZivIssue:Latin America 2006
Article no.:10
Topic:Migrating to IP
Author:Eran Ziv
Title:CEO and President
Organisation:Teledata Networks
PDF size:348KB

IP via satellite

Eduardo AspesiIssue:Latin America 2006
Article no.:11
Topic:IP via satellite
Author:Eduardo Aspesi
Organisation:Hispamar Satélites
PDF size:196KB

The future of wireless connections

Juan ChicoIssue:Latin America 2006
Article no.:12
Topic:The future of wireless connections
Author:Juan Chico
Organisation:Nortel Brazil
PDF size:196KB

IMS in Latin America

Ricardo DiazIssue:Latin America 2006
Article no.:13
Topic:IMS in Latin America
Author:Ricardo Diaz
Title:Vice President and Managing Director
Organisation:Tekelec CALA (Caribbean and Latin America) region
PDF size:188KB

IP convergence: is IMS just more hype?

René MéndezIssue:Latin America 2006
Article no.:14
Topic:IP convergence: is IMS just more hype?
Author:René Méndez
Title:Vice President Sales and Marketing, Caribbean and Latin America
PDF size:224KB

VoIP and the wholesale equilibrium

Daniel KurganIssue:Latin America 2006
Article no.:15
Topic:VoIP and the wholesale equilibrium
Author:Daniel Kurgan
Organisation:Belgacom International Carrier Services
PDF size:192KB

Voice telephony in an IP world

Per Martell

Carl-Henrik Olsson
Issue:Latin America 2006
Article no.:16
Topic:Voice telephony in an IP world
Author:Per Martell and Carl-Henrik Olsson
Title:Per Martell, Regional Operations Director, Caribbean and Latin America, and Carl-Henrik Olsson, Product Manager, Trading and Routing Solutions, Caribbean and Latin America
PDF size:220KB

From VoIP to EoIP

Anatoly KorsakovIssue:Latin America 2006
Article no.:18
Topic:From VoIP to EoIP
Author:Anatoly Korsakov
Title:Vice President Sales
Organisation:Mera Systems
PDF size:208KB
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