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North America 2008 (17)

Connect-World North America 2008

Theme: 3G, 4G or both? The race is on.

In a normal world 2.5G follows 2G and is followed by 3 or 3.x G and then 4G, Operators normally would follow a pre-defined evolutionary sequence, but the competition is so rough - and the economics so compelling - that many companies are considering jumping the track and switching technologies and generations. What might the consequences of this be in terms of the networks, equipment, applications, security and especially the market and the consumer?

On the front line - shaping wireless policy

Meredith_Atwell_BakerIssue:North America 2008
Article no.:1
Topic:On the front line - shaping wireless policy
Author:Meredith Attwell Baker
Title:Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information
PDF size:272KB


The future of fixed broadband

John_JanowiakIssue:North America 2008
Article no.:2
Topic:The future of fixed broadband
Author:John Janowiak
Organisation:International Engineering Consortium (IEC)
PDF size:380KB


Satellites and the Next-Generation Networks race

Grant_SeiffertIssue:North America 2008
Article no.:3
Topic:Satellites and the Next-Generation Networks race
Author:Grant Seiffert
Organisation:Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)
PDF size:236KB


A strategy for the wireless world

Hassan_AhmedIssue:North America 2008
Article no.:4
Topic:A strategy for the wireless world
Author:Dr Hassan Ahmed
Title:Chairman, President and CEO
Organisation:Sonus Networks
PDF size:216KB


3G and 4G - collaboration, not competition

Perry_LaForgeIssue:North America 2008
Article no.:5
Topic:3G and 4G - collaboration, not competition
Author:Perry LaForge
Title:Founder, Chairman & Executive Director
Organisation:CDMA Development Group
PDF size:224KB


3G, 4G or both - is more necessarily better?

Drew_MorinIssue:North America 2008
Article no.:6
Topic:3G, 4G or both - is more necessarily better?
Author:Drew Morin
Title:Senior Vice President & CTO
Organisation:TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS)
PDF size:240KB


Converged networks - just a pretty name?

Yossi_Ben_HaroshIssue:North America 2008
Article no.:8
Topic:Converged networks - just a pretty name?
Author:Yossi Ben Harosh
Title:President and CEO
Organisation:Telrad Networks
PDF size:236KB


Full service broadband and connected lifestyles

Arun_BhikshevaranIssue:North America 2008
Article no.:11
Topic:Full service broadband and connected lifestyles
Author:Arun Bhikshesvaran
Title:CTO and Vice President of Strategy and Marketing
Organisation:Ericsson North America
PDF size:264KB


Ethernet for wireless backhaul

Charles_R_KenmoreIssue:North America 2008
Article no.:12
Topic:Ethernet for wireless backhaul
Author:Charles R. Kenmore
Title:President and CEO
Organisation:ANDA Networks
PDF size:272KB


The backhaul bandwidth secret weapon

Issue:North America 2008
Article no.:13
Topic:The backhaul bandwidth secret weapon
Author:Michail Tsatsanis & Nina Grooms Lee
Title:Co-Founder & Chief Scientist; Director of Marketing
PDF size:248KB


Mobile broadband needs microwave backhaul

Issue:North America 2008
Article no.:14
Topic:Mobile broadband needs microwave backhaul
Author:Philippe Dumont & Patrick Picquet
Title:VP, for Wireless Transmission; VP WTD North America
PDF size:324KB


Mobile revolution and telecom investing

Dan_D_YangIssue:North America 2008
Article no.:15
Topic:Mobile revolution and telecom investing
Author:Dan D. Yang
Title:General Partner of Dowslake Venture and Founder/CEO
Organisation:Dowslake Microsystems
PDF size:244KB


Differentiated quality of IP service

Jay_JayasimhaIssue:North America 2008
Article no.:16
Topic:Differentiated quality of IP service
Author:Jay Jayasimha
Organisation:Veraz Networks
PDF size:240KB


3G or 4G voice is still king

Karl_BrownIssue:North America 2008
Article no.:17
Topic:3G or 4G voice is still king
Author:Karl Brown
Title:Vice President of Marketing
Organisation:Ditech Networks, Inc
PDF size:200KB


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