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North America 2009 (13)

Connect-World North America 2009

Theme: New information and communications technologies - separating the long distance runners from the sprinters

A great number of new information and communication technologies leave the labs and reach the market each year; many are greeted with great expectations. Most, though, are fated to fill small market niches or succumb to the competition and disappear. Some become market leaders, disrupt existing technology ecosystems, change the sector, change businesses and change lives. Which technologies are here to stay? Which ones will lead the market? Which ones will fill small but important niches? What are the innovations you believe will fill an important need - no matter what the size?

Satellite and wireless - reaching remote regions

David HartshornIssue:North America 2009
Article no.:1
Topic:Satellite and wireless - reaching remote regions
Author:David Hartshorn and Darrell Owen
Title:David Hartshorn, Secretary General & Darrell Owen - President, Owen & Owen
Organisation:David Hartshorn, Global VSAT Forum & Darrell Owen, Owen & Owen
PDF size:212KB


The global enterprise ecosystem

Fran ShammoIssue:North America 2009
Article no.:2
Topic:The global enterprise ecosystem
Author:Fran Shammo
Title:President of Verizon Business
Organisation:Verizon Business
PDF size:240KB


Wireless infrastructure built to last

Parran DickIssue:North America 2009
Article no.:3
Topic:Wireless infrastructure built to last
Author:Dick Parran
Title:President, Network Solutions Business
PDF size:176KB


Living in a Web-based world

Vikram SaksenaIssue:North America 2009
Article no.:4
Topic:Living in a Web-based world
Author:Vikram Saksena
Title:Executive Vice President and CTO
PDF size:212KB


The end of innovation?

Karl MayIssue:North America 2009
Article no.:5
Topic:The end of innovation?
Author:Karl F. May
Title:President and CEO, OpVista, Inc., Chairman of the Board, Integra5, Inc.
Organisation:OpVista, Inc. and Integra5, Inc.
PDF size:276KB


Carrier Ethernet and the new network

Jeff ReedyIssue:North America 2009
Article no.:6
Topic:Carrier Ethernet and the new network
Author:Jeff Reedy
Organisation:Overture Networks
PDF size:216KB


POTS for data-intensive services

Noam LotanIssue:North America 2009
Article no.:7
Topic:POTS for data-intensive services
Author:Noam Lotan
Title:President & CEO,
Organisation:MRV Communications Inc.
PDF size:228KB


The ICT relay race

Cliff Townsend Issue: North America 2009
Article no.: 9
Topic: The ICT relay race
Author: Cliff Townsend
Title: Vice President, Business Development,
Organisation: Galazar Networks
PDF size: 200KB


B2B marketing with video

Jeff WhatcottIssue:North America 2009
Article no.:10
Topic:B2B marketing with video
Author:Jeff Whatcott
Title:Vice President of Marketing
PDF size:184KB


Testing the future

Moukadam BahaaIssue:North America 2009
Article no.:11
Topic:Testing the future
Author:Bahaa Moukadam
Title:Vice President Marketing
Organisation:Sunrise Telecom
PDF size:196KB


Co-creating the wireless revolution

Sudip NandyIssue:North America 2009
Article no.:12
Topic:Co-creating the wireless revolution
Author:Sudip Nandy
PDF size:172KB


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