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North America 2005 (14)

Connect-World North America 2005

Theme: Turning The Hourglass

Technology is both disruptive and constructive. Throughout the ages, whenever superior technologies appeared they tipped society's hourglass and slowly, inexorably, drained substance out of the reigning economic model, out of the society itself, and filled the then current base with the marvels and tragedies of a new era. There is no going back to the quill, the horse, the telegraph, punch card or the heyday of the bulky black phone.

Technology calling! Is society answering?

Matthew J. FlaniganIssue:North America 2005
Article no.:2
Topic:Technology calling! Is society answering?
Author:Matthew J. Flanigan
Organisation:Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)
PDF size:92KB


The exciting new world of communications

Walter B. McCormick, JrIssue:North America 2005
Article no.:3
Topic:The exciting new world of communications
Author:Walter B. McCormick, Jr
Title:President and CEO
Organisation:United States Telecom Association (USTA)
PDF size:60KB


Transforming communities with optical broadband services

Philippe MorinIssue:North America 2005
Article no.:7
Topic:Transforming communities with optical broadband services
Author:Philippe Morin
Title:Vice President and General Manager, Optical Networks Business
Organisation:Nortel Networks
PDF size:256KB


Integrating IT and telecom

Isabelle CourvilleIssue:North America 2005
Article no.:8
Topic:Integrating IT and telecom
Author:Isabelle Courville
Organisation:Bell Canada Enterprise Market Group
PDF size:72KB


The new world of voice

Chris RiceIssue:North America 2005
Article no.:9
Topic:The new world of voice
Author:Chris Rice
Title:Executive Vice President, Network Planning and Engineering
Organisation:SBC Communications
PDF size:104KB


Convergence, the law and the future of the ICT sector

John R. JanowiakIssue:North America 2005
Article no.:11
Topic:Convergence, the law and the future of the ICT sector
Author:John R. Janowiak
Title:Senior Director
Organisation:International Engineering Consortium (IEC)
PDF size:60KB


The emergence of converged networks

Anthony C. Neal-GravesIssue:North America 2005
Article no.:12
Topic:The emergence of converged networks
Author:Anthony C. Neal-Graves
Title:General Manager, Modular Communications Platform Division
PDF size:112KB


Identity and the future of e-commerce

Roger SullivanIssue:North America 2005
Article no.:13
Topic:Identity and the future of e-commerce
Author:Roger Sullivan
Title:Liberty Alliance Management Board Member, and Vice President
Organisation:Oracle Identity Management Solutions
PDF size:88KB


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