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Nokia 3310: Research Shows 797% Increase In UK Consumers Searching Online For New Phone


UK Online Searches For Nokia Jump By 797% In Less Than Two Weeks Following Announcement Of Relaunch Of The 3310

  • Captify, which analyses 30bn searches a month, finds huge rise in online consumer searches in Nokia 3310 since proposed relaunch this year
  • The most popular features associated with Nokia’s new unit were phone cases (40%), Snake (25%), camera (18%) and battery (17%) in the UK
  • UK mobile phone networks see large rises in online searches associated with the 3310, with EE (at 97%) most likely to be searched with the new phone

UK, [02/03/17]: When news first broke that Nokia might be bringing back its iconic 3310 mobile phone, consumers around the globe scrambled online to find out more. Today, new online analysis of search trends reveals insights into consumers’ real intentions towards this soon-to-be relaunched product.

Captify, a search intelligence driven advertising technology company, which analyses 30 billion online monthly searches, found:

  • Huge Consumer Interest: Since the news was announced of its relaunch (on 14th and 15th February), the second half of February (15th-27th) has seen a 797% increase in online searches in the UK by consumers for the new Nokia 3310
  • Brits Want Phonecases, More Than Snake: Despite the rebirth of the Snake game, it’s only the second most popular searched for feature of the Nokia 3310 (at 25% of all UK searches in the past two weeks), with phone cases (at 40%) being the dominant feature consumers are searching information on
    • Meanwhile the new camera (18%) and battery (17%) were the other top searched for features related to the phone
  • Consumers’ Intent: UK consumers combined searches for mobile networks along with the Nokia 3310, despite the phone not being available until Q2 of 2017, which indicates the true purchasing intent from the British public for this product
    • EE saw a staggering 97% increase in searches related to the Nokia 3310
    • Meanwhile, O2 (1%), Vodafone (0.9%) and Three (0.1%) also saw minor searches related to the new phone

Dom Joseph, CEO and Co-Founder of Captify said: “Nostalgia is incredibly powerful for consumers and the renewed interest in the Nokia brand, as highlighted by our data, is clear proof of this.”

“However, to really understand consumer interest in a product, brands need to look to online search data to determine real, concrete intent to purchase, instead of just general interest and nostalgia, which can soon fade. This situation is something at Captify we saw with Pokemon last year. Thanks to the launch of Go, it experienced a huge revival but now, over six months later, searches have declined dramatically, as the initial interest has worn off.”

“The genuine consumer interest in the Nokia 3310 is borne out from our data which shows a huge spike in the public searching for actual network carriers, despite the product not being available until the second half of 2017. It demonstrates that people really do want to buy the product well ahead of its release, and are already starting to make decisions about which network they’ll use too.”

Captify powers advertising campaigns across Display, Video and Mobile format for over 450 of the globe’s biggest brands, and 150+ agencies.


About Captify

Captify is a search intelligence powered advertising technology company. Using its purpose-built purpose-built semantic technology to understand the real meaning behind 30 billion monthly searches, Captify is fundamentally changing the way advertisers and brands reach and engage with their customers.

Through its Search Intelligence platform it analyses 30 billion online searches each month and with this wealth of data it is able to unearth and understand complex consumer behaviours and intent. By better understanding search behaviour, brands and advertisers are able to pinpoint hard-to-reach audiences and understand intent, enabling them to achieve better engagement and ROI at scale. Captify powers advertising campaigns across Display, Video and Mobile format for over 450 of the globe’s biggest brands, and 150+ agencies.

It operates across Europe and the US with a growing team of over 150 people based in offices in Kiev, Hamburg, London, New York, Los Angeles and Paris. To date, Captify has raised £11.9 million ($15 million) in investment backed by Panoramic Growth Equity and Smedvig Capital

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