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1.8 GHz networks closing in at high speed at Charter’s ‘10G Showcase’

by Anthony Weaver

Philadelphia, PA, U.S. – 20 September 2022 – Excited to walk the talk on the cable industry’s 10G vision, Teleste is pleased to announce that a 1.8 GHz end-to-end network test has been successfully completed at a ‘10G Showcase’ organized by leading U.S. cable operator Charter Communications during the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2022 this week. Following the DOCSIS 4.0 Extended Spectrum DOCSIS (ESD) amplifier cascade demonstration carried out with CableLabs earlier this year, this new demonstration  further validates the cable industry’s capabilities to achieve its symmetrical multi-gigabit services to the home. A path is now set out for operators looking to continuously increase data transmission speed and capacity in their hydrid fiber-coax (HFC) networks.

In the demonstration, an end-to-end 1.8 GHz system was created with equipment from Teleste and other cable equipment vendors to showcase the performance of DOCSIS 4.0 technology. The demo setup including five cascaded amplifiers and a booster from Teleste’s 1.8 GHz ICON family, and the implemented network simulated the amplifier cascades becoming more typical with Distributed Access networks, confirming that the 1.8 GHz technology enables drop-in upgrades to existing amplifier locations.

“An important promise for the cable MSO community is that the 1.8 GHz technology allows them to keep the existing amplifier locations without relocating them to shorten the coax sections in-between, said Hanno Narjus, Head of Teleste’s Networks business. “We are pleased to have been able to demonstrate that, as a potential building block of the future 10G upgrades, this promise can be fulfilled.”

Teleste continues to be a leader in HFC technologies and leverages its RF engineering capability and the automation that comes with intelligent amplifiers. The first 1.8 GHz amplifiers in our Intelligent Networks portfolio were introduced in 2021, including the intelligent ICON4300 amplifier newly awarded by Broadband Technology Report in the 2022 Diamond Technology Reviews. In addition to enabling multi-gigabit broadband speeds, the native intelligence of our 1.8 GHz amplifiers will potentially be a true game changer for operators, as their maintenance and management no longer requires highly-trained technicians and their ability to self-balance will reduce periods of poor network performance and service issues when external environment impacts plant conditions.

Continue to our website  to discover what else the intelligent technology can bring to cable networks and what adopting the higher frequencies will demand from operators. Please, also visit us at the Teleste Intercept booth #11025 at Cable-Tec Expo, taking place 19-22 September, to explore the topics with our experts in closer detail.

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