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1.8 Million Users Benefit from Technological Renovation

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1.8 Million Users Benefit from Technological

Renovation at EMCALI


·        The strength behind the new appearance of EMCALI lies in its technological renovation supported by an Open Systems Corp. solution. Open is a leading BOSS (Business and Operations Suppot Systems) solutions developer and implementer.


Miami, July 2011. EMCALI has successfully completed its technological renovation project, which optimizes data management speeds, providing fast, reliable and effective service to users. EMCALI IT Manager Jairo Trujillo stated: “Two years ago there were long lines outside our offices. Thanks to the platform stabilization and culmination of the project, we have cleaned house and now operate with quality and efficiency in the 3 EMCALI residential public service fronts: Telecommunications, Energy and Water and Sewer Services.”


The business system of the EMCALI information platform uses Open’s SmartFlex solution, which facilitates interactions between human and technical processes. Focused on business process information management, it has led to productivity increases in all fronts.


“This has been an ambitious undertaking in terms of time and scope, considering that only 30% of projects like this are successfully completed worldwide –mainly because needs change as projects are executed, given the speed with which technology develops–. This was a successful project for EMCALI, not only because we executed 95% of initial plans, but also because in spite of platform complexity we were able to support company operations and reach stability within normal timeframes. This is especially remarkable given the magnitude of the company, which is currently billing $150 billion pesos per month, covering 100% of Cali and neighboring municipalities such as Puerto Tejada, Jamundí, Candelaria and Yumbo,Trujillo said.


The platform was updated after 10 years. With it, EMCALI can unify business and operating data and produce greater efficiency in addressing both corporate and operating user requirements. The platform also includes the technical means required to control network operation data and work orders, such as work teams and materials in an integrated system.


“During the course of the project Open constantly monitored operations. We strengthened our business ties with EMCALI, generating a long term commitment based on the quality of SmartFlex, a technologically convergent, dynamic and agile solution that has improved response times and the service quality EMCALI provides Valle del Cauca citizens,” said Hernando Parrott, Open Business Vice President.


The new appearance of EMCALI has been strengthened by this technological update, new customized service centers, telephone and virtual service centers, and a new petitions, complaints and claims office. All these advantages have allowed EMCALI it to extend its coverage to other municipalities.



EMCALI is a public utility (it provides power, water and sewer and telecommunications services) that started operating in 1931 as city-owned company. EMCALI provides electric power services to the municipalities of Cali, Yumbo and Puerto Tejada and water and sewer services within city limits in Cali and Yumbo.


EMCALI assets in 2011 include 20 substations, an installed transformer capacity of 1,578 MW, 140 distribution circuits at 13.5 kV, 25 to 34.5 kV and 1 to 115 kV in sub-transmission links, 9,248 self-owned and 8,310 third party transformers totaling 17,436 distribution transformers, and more than 2,130 km overhead and 314 km underground lines in the power grid, for a total grid span of 2,400 km in the municipalities of Cali, Yumbo and Puerto Tejada.


Power sales reach approximately 1,800 GWh-year in the regulated market and 500GWh/year in the non-regulated market for a total of 2,300 GWh/year, which represents close to 6% of Colombian domestic demand and 70% of the Valle del Cauca department demand.


About Open Systems™ (www.openinternational.com)

Open Systems is a software industry leader specialized in the telecommunications and public service sectors.  Focused in the Latin American market, it has achieved differentiation through its BOSS approach, which combines BSS (Business Support Systems) and OSS (Operations Support Systems) functionalities more commonly known as billing, customer service and operations.


Open has completed more than 70 successful system installations in public utility and telecom companies in 15 Latin American nations.


For additional information please contact:

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