CIMtrek joins the Cool Vendors

Vendors selected for the Leading Analyst Firm “Cool Vendor” report are innovative, impactful and intriguing

An intelligent solution that provides the tools to migrate legacy applications to Cloud platforms developed and launched by industry veteran, Jon Pyke, has been recognised by Gartner in its annual emerging Cool Vendors in People-Centered Computing, 2011 report.

CIMtrek is an international software company based in the UK, which was established to provide the tools that help end user organisations understand the magnitude of the migration journey to the Cloud.

Jon Pyke, CIMtrek’s founder and CEO, stated: “This is incredible recognition for a company and an application that we only launched a year ago. Since that time we have developed the application still further in recognition of the fact that increasing numbers of IT managers are now moving legacy Notes/Domino applications to the cloud for cost optimisation and agility. In other words, CIMtrek successfully identified a market need and acute pain point for many IT departments and developed a cost effective solution to assist legacy cloud migration projects.

“Cloud computing is not a new technology or architecture or methodology. But it is a new “delivery model” where all computing and networking resources are delivered as “services” that are elastic (use as much or as little as you need at any given time), massively scalable, and are available on-demand with self-service, pay-as-you-go variable cost subscriptions. While this is an attractive model many organisations are holding back on a migration path over concerns about legacy applications.”

Jon Pyke added: “CIMtrek removes that barrier by providing the tools to discovering what applications your organisation has and what can be migrated. Users can then define which apps they want and then in one simple click can migrate all identified applications. At this stage we have focused on IBM Lotus Notes which has over 600,000 users here in the UK alone. The beauty of CIMtrek is that it makes no assumptions as to how you do business. We don’t ask that you change your modus operandi. We won’t ask you to buy any software! Just how cool is that!”

Founded by Jon Pyke who has had many years of involvement in developing and selling enterprise solutions giving him the knowledge to develop a completely new and unique approach to delivering solutions in what’s now called “the cloud”. 

An international team is already in place with a number of business partners in the USA, South Africa, Australia and The Netherlands. 


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