Intelligent add/drop/pass


Norwia the optical innovators will introduce the new intelligent add/drop/pass functionality with the OC-4B-SDI one-card solution.



Norway, September 1st, 2011: Users of the revolutionary miniHUB™ optical distribution system have now another trick up their sleeve with the addition of auto selection on the optical and electrical inputs to route signals to their desired destination.




This function is particularly useful in a ring structure where a user can add a signal at any location without having to physical switch or apply a control function other then plugging the signal in.




The intelligent add/drop/pass can also be used on the tailgate of all outside broadcast trucks to select between electrical or optical signals, depending on location being close for electrical coax, or at a greater distance for optical connections. Plugging in one of these cable formats will route the signal automatically to the main routing system of the truck on the same input every time.




The miniHUB™ unique format flexible and application flexible properties give the customer a building block  tool that provides Optical links, Optical distribution, Optical transponder, add/drop/pass networks, Ethernet distribution, all on the 1 card and all at the user’s discretion and now boost a range of passive optical device to complement. 




Come and see the next generation application flexible, format flexible Optical distribution platform at IBC2011.





About Norwia:




Norwia is a hi-tech broadcast media equipment manufacturer with a mission to produce products of outstanding value and holds the brand name miniHUB™. Products are developed and manufactured in Norway and marketed globally. Norwia believes in placing the customer as number one as we take our industry knowledge and track record of innovation to the market.




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