ezetop Sign Top Up Business Agreement with China Unicom Guangxi Branch for Selling China Unicom Top up Abroad


 Guangxi, 16th December 2011– ezetop has signed the top up business agreement with China Unicom Guangxi Branch. ezetop is the global leader in international top up service. So far, ezetop has become the first top up company that officially provides service for all China Unicom’s subscribers.


ezetop’s cooperation with China Unicom Guangxi Branch aims to meet China Unicom subscribers’ demand for recharging abroad. Statistics show that currently there are more than 40 million Chinese living outside China and the’re is a huge demand to top up relatives and friends back home in China. This new top up service will satisfy their needs. In addition, China Unicom’s subscribers will enjoy instant top up services during their international roaming period. With this agreement, China Unicom mobile phone top up services will be available in retail stores across the world, from www.ezetop.com or through its mobile terminals.


Both parties started this project in April of this year. After the preparation of the feasibility discussion, implementation plan, technical plan and business negotiation, the business agreement was officially signed at the end of November. The technical installation work will be completed before the end of this year, and the top up service will be launched in January 2012.


ezetop enables people living or working abroad to instantly top up mobile phones of friends and family back home. Services are available from more than 400,000 retail stores in 20 countries, as well as online and on mobile phones through www.ezetop.com. Today ezetop offers direct connections to more than 188 international mobile operators across Asia Pacific, Africa, the Caribbean, Central/Latin America and Eastern Europe. Existing operators include Vodafone, Orange, Telefonica and others.


For more information, visit http://www.ezetop.com or contact press@ezetop.com