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2012 prediction: the future of service management on business

by david.nunes

12th Dec 2001


Prediction from James Gay, CEO of ICCM Solutions, on how service management will transform in 2012 and impact greatly on business.


“In recent years we have already seen significant changes in IT service management; its position within a business now reaches far beyond the focus of the IT department. Over the next 12 months I strongly believe that businesses will be looking for even more from their technology and in particular will seek service management solutions that can adapt according a business’ changing requirements.

“Far too often, IT service management tools are only fit for their specific purpose, with processes defined for isolated parts of an organisation. This provides no scalability, flexibility or capability – making the turnover rate of such tools incredibly high.  In the current climate businesses are demanding more, and need a solution which can transform their organisation by aligning service management with their company objectives.”



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