Encap appoint Adam Dolby as Vice President of US Business Development

Palo Alto, USA, 6th November 2013 – Mobile authentication specialist Encap has today announced that it has expanded its US team, hiring Adam Dolby as Vice President of Business Development. Adam will bring Encap’s unique banking-grade, multi-factor authentication technology to financial institutions and enterprises across the US.

“The key to breaking into the US is to establish strong and fruitful partnerships. Adam will be absolutely pivotal in this and has a remarkable record of building strategic partnerships with leading banking and technology industry solution providers. His arrival is an enormous boost to our ambitions for the US,” said Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen, CEO of Encap.

Adam brings over 15 years front line experience in business development for financial services and enterprise companies. Adam has a track record of success in building strategic alliances, capitalising on existing relationships, and delivering a corporate sales strategy on a global scale.

Prior to joining Encap, Adam was Director of Strategic Alliances and eBanking for Gemalto in the Americas, and responsible for forming key partnerships with major technology organisations across the US. Dolby has also held several roles at Vasco, most recently as Director of Strategic Alliances where he was responsible for launching Vasco’s DigiPass Embedded Security Solution, as well as building and executing the sales strategy and growing Vasco’s enterprise business.  In addition to specific banking security experience, Adam has more than 10 years experience working in a financial institution in Massachusetts running all electronic banking functions.

“In the US, there really is no technology comparable with Encap’s solution,” said Mr. Dolby. “In Europe, two-factor authentication is often mandated by government, but not in the US. What we have here is often single factor authentication that, while easy to use, is also easy to hack. Where multi-factor authentication solutions have been deployed, they are usually overly complex, difficult to use, hamper user adoption, and based on technology that is antiquated. Encap is poised to disrupt security in the US, by offering software-based banking-grade multi-factor authentication without the constraints of older technology. Its technology means businesses and users no longer need to compromise between security and usability. Encap has enormous potential and it’s why I’ve joined the team.”

“We’ve had huge success in Europe,” added Thomas. “Now, with Adam driving new partnerships in the US, we are ready to capitalise on opportunities in the world’s largest IT market.”


About Encap

Encap provides simple software-based, multi-factor authentication and digital signing for the enterprise and banking sectors.

Encap represents a revolutionary new approach to authentication for the post-PC era. It replaces hardware and one time password authentication solutions such as tokens, card readers, SIMs and SMS with a mobile client linked to a smart device. Easy, quick and convenient for users, Encap creates a familiar, intuitive authentication process that works across all platforms – PC, mobile or tablet – and via the cloud.

Encap’s unique patented software delivers a ubiquitous security solution that is scalable, easy to integrate and requires no capital investment.

Based in Oslo, Norway, Encap’s world class management team has an unrivalled pedigree in mobile banking, finance, enterprise and remote access security. The Encap solution is approved by the Norwegian Banks’ Standardisation Office and used by major banking institutions, enterprises and technology integrators.