Africa’s largest Telecommunications Conference and Exhibition

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Africa Com - 12-14 November 2013 - CTICC Capte Town South Africa


The rules of the communications games have changed…

AfricaCom 2013 offers 3 days of strategic keynotes, specialist events, workshops and networking to discuss and plan for new challenges in Africa’s digital market. With over 300 speakers, 350+ exhibitors, and 8000+ attendees at Africa’s largest telecommunications Conference and Exhibition.

The AfricaCom team caught up with some speakers ahead of the event, taking place at the CTICC in Cape Town from 12-14 November. Click on a speaker below to find out a bit more about their experiences and focus at the AfricaCom.

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“What makes Spotify a leading music service globally?”…

Hear from Spotify’s Head of New Markets, Axel Bringéus

Axel Bringéus: I think it is because it is just so simple, so fast and – crucially – is free to use. I think that once you try it, and simply search for any song or artist, and just hit ‘play’, you immediately realise how fantastic it is, and how a world of music opens up to you instantly. We have always put the music fan first, and have built a service that we humbly believe is the best music streaming service in the world, but we are laser-focused on improving it, and helping our users find even more music and artists to love.

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Irene Charnley, CEO of Smile Communications talks LTE

AfricaCom: How is LTE changing the market and why is it important for Smile to be a leader in the field?

Irene Charnley: In a sector which has been driven by innovation, LTE represents the next generation of technology, and therefore the future of the ICT sector as a whole. LTE allows for the more effective use of frequency spectrum, more product innovation and faster implementation, more stable and reliable services at higher data speeds, improved urban coverage and greater operational cost-efficiencies. LTE is the first standard which can truly live up to the promise of high-speed broadband services.

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Kolubahzizi Howard discusses strategy from a regulators perspective…

AfricaCom: How has regulation changed in Africa in light of the market’s development?

Kolubahzizi Howard: Policy changes in Africa have triggered sector reforms which have in-turn driven the success of ICTs in Africa over the last decade. A major regulator change has been the allowance of private shareholders to own stakes in incumbent operators and the opening up of mobile markets to competition through private sector investments. As a result of the increasing competition, the number of networks and services in many African countries has grown. Notwithstanding the above, more work needs to be done to strengthen the regulatory decision making authority of NRAs and the regulation of access and access pricing to bottleneck facilities.

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Wolfgang Petersen reveals Intel’s vision...

AfricaCom: How is Intel positioned in the African market?

Wolfgang Petersen: Africa has entered a high economic growth path. It reminds me of China 10-15 years ago. Intel’s vision is: This decade we will create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth. With this in mind Intel will keep on investing into Africa to make the vision become reality.

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