ICIN 2013

Attend ICIN 2013 for insights into the future of network services and applications
Early Bird Rates expire 13 September

The advance programme for the ICIN 2013 conference is available for download here. You can still benefit from the Early Bird Rate if youregister soon.

The primary focus of ICIN 2013 is twofold, addressing both how to make networks smarter with a stream on the transformation of Telcos’ networks and how to make smarter things with these networks with a stream on the future of real-time communications.

ICIN conferences are renowned for their debates on the impact of emerging technology, architecture and industry trends on intelligent communications services.

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You will find instructions and additional information on our web site at http://www.icin.co.uk.

Stuart Sharrock, Chairman
ICIN International Advisory Board
Bruno Chatras, Chairman
ICIN Technical Programme Committee