Utilities, Smart Metering & Grids Africa Summit 2012

Conference & Exhibition, January 30th & 31st, Cape Town

The Utilities, Smart Metering & Grids Africa Summit 2012 (Cape Town, January 30th & 31st) will bring together utilities from across the breadth of Africa for a two-day Conference, Exhibition and Networking Event.

The multi-streamed conference will be looking at the latest developments and challenges facing Africa’s utilities, and will be examining the impact that smart energy will play in developing and improving Africa’s energy markets. The technology exhibition running parallel to the conference will be showcasing the latest technologies in smart metering, grids and the smart home.

  • Benefit from a wide-range of case studies and presentations from African Utilities on the latest developments in their organisation in metering, billing and customer management.
  • Find the latest developments and opportunities for your utility in Electricty, Gas and Water Metering.
  • Look beyond pre-payment: what comes next for African metering?
  • Discover the benefits and opportunities that the latest smart technologies can bring to your utility.
  • Use extensive networking opportunities with utilities and municipalities from across Africa.

This is a not to be missed event for all African utilities and smart metering/grid technology providers. Utilities, Smart Metering & Grids Africa � bringing together Utilities & Technology.

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