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2WCom’s FMC01 is an All-in-One Solution

by david.nunes

2WCom’s FMC01 is an All-in-One Solution

for FM MPX Distribution

Flensburg, GERMANY —  20 August, 2013 2WCom has introduced the new FMC01, a ground-breaking compact codec, encoder and decoder for high-quality FM MPX distribution via IP or E1 (G.703). As the first unit to combine encoder and decoder functions in the same chassis, the FMC01 offers significant operational advantages and infrastructure savings.

With 100% lossless audio encoding/decoding and optimised bandwidth technology for maximum FM quality, the FMC01 is a point-to-multipoint distribution solution that redefines the cost/performance equation for radio networks.

The FMC01 allows the broadcaster to achieve substantial savings by simplifying the delivery infrastructure. It is no longer necessary to generate the MPX signal at the transmitter site, or to use a RDS encoder and stereo generator at each station. The FMC01 also ensures very low installation, service and maintenance costs with nearly no configuration of the device required. Crucially, the FMC01 allows broadcasters to create a signal distribution system that delivers the same high quality signal from each transmitter site.

“By delivering extremely high quality audio and maximising bandwidth while simultaneously simplifying infrastructure and reducing costs, the FMC01 offers broadcasters an easy route to greater efficiency,” said Werner Drews, managing director of 2wcom.

Key FMC01 features include Reed Solomon FEC to minimize bit errors; input source switch-over between E1 and Gigabit IP in case of failure; quality parameters via SNMP v2c and relay switching; and FM demodulation with L+R XLR, headphone outputs and RDS decoding. The FMC01 will be available from September 2013.

More information about 2wcom and its products is available at www.2wcom.com or by phone at +49 461 66283015

About 2wcom

2wcom is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of professional broadcast products for FM, RDS, DAB, DAB+, DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-T, with complete end-to-end DVB-S/S2 Audio/IP Satellite system solutions including professional encoders, modulators and a highly reliable IRD product range. 2wcom’s leading position in the market is based on a track record of technical innovation, high quality and outstanding 24/7 support. Formed in 1996 with the buyout of Rohde & Schwarz’s FM/RDS product range, 2wcom has its development and manufacturing headquarters in Germany, with a worldwide network of dealer partners. More information on 2wcom and its products is available at www.2wcom.com

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