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3 Hong Kong extends 5G coverage to cover East Rail Line crosss habour MTR Link

by Brenda Lafeuillee

Connecting Hung Hom, Admiralty and Exhibition Centre MTR stations with
Hong Kong’s strongest 5G network
Hong Kong, 13 May 2022 – 3 Hong Kong today announced that it has extended 5G coverage
to cover the East Rail Line cross-harbour MTR link which will officially go into service on
Sunday 15 May 2022. Seamless 5G coverage is available at station concourses, platforms and
tunnels, enabling customers travelling on the MTR to stay connected with friends, colleagues
and contacts.

Since 2019, 3 Hong Kong has invested more than HK$3 billion in mobile network expansion
and 5G network development. The network team has worked tirelessly and wholeheartedly
to deploy and optimise the network to cover newly-built transport infrastructure and public
places with precise planning.

3 Hong Kong has made remarkable achievements in merely two years after its 5G launch. In
addition to attaining 99% territory-wide 5G coverage* at the end of 2020, 3 Hong Kong
became the first operator to build 1,000+ golden spectrum band base stations in the territory
in 2021, offering abundant network capacity. In the same year, 3 Hong Kong was named by
an international organisation with a No.1 position in 5G availability^ in Hong Kong, further
validating that customers are provided with the most reliable 5G experience.

  • Based on the test results in relation to 3 Hong Kong’s 5G network and population distribution of Hong
    Kong conducted in January 2021.

^Source: ePrice article published on 28 September 2021.

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